CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Organising HOTs Set A

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Ques 1: Name the function of management which co-ordinate the Physical, Financial, and Human resources and establishes productive relations among them for achievement of specific goals.

Ans: Organizing 


Ques 2: Name and explain the two steps in the process of organizing which comes after identification and division of work and departmentation.

Ans: Assignment of duties and establishing reporting relationships. 


Ques 3: Aman Ltd. is manufacturing   Toys and has Production Sales, Purchase and finance Department, which type of organization structure would you suggest to them? State any three advantage of this organization structure.?

Ans:  I would suggest functional structure for Aman ltd. 


Ques 4: Hindustan  Ltd. is manufacturing computers, soaps and textile . Which type of organizational structure would suit the requirement of such organization? State any three advantages of this organization structure?

Ans: Divisional Structure would suit the requirement of Hindustan ltd. 


Ques 5: It is a System of consciously coordinated activities of two or more person towards a common objectives. Mention this system of organization and explain its two features.

Ans:  Formal organization 


Ques 6: It is a network of personal and social relations not established or required by the formal organization but arising spontaneously as people associate with one another. Name this organization and give its three advantages.

Ans: Informal organization 


Ques 7: The directors of Narmada Ltd. An organization manufacturing computer have asked their marketing manager to achieve a target rate of 100 computers per day. The marketing manager has delegates the task to his deputy sales manager working under him. The deputy sales managers could not achieve he target. Is the marketing manager responsible for the failure of his deputy sales manager?  Explain in brief , the relevant principle in support of your answer.?

Ans:  Yes, marketing manager is responsible for non- achievement of he target  sales to his.  


Ques 8: The Director of Kamal Ltd, an organization manufacturing computer want to double the sales and given this responsibility to their sales manager. The Sales Manager has no authority either to increase , sales expense or appoint new salesman. Hence, he could not achieve this target. Is the sales manager responsible for not achieving the target? Explain in brief , the relevant principal in support of your answer.?

Ans:  No, sales manager is not responsible for not achieving the target. The principle involved is purity of authority and responsibility. 


Ques 9: It  refer to the systematic delegation of authority from top management to the lower level managers. Mention the name of it.

Ans:    Decentralization.


Ques 10: “If we delegate the authority, we multiply it by two if we decentralize it, we multiply it by many “ how?

Ans:  Scope of delegation of authority is limited as it is confined to a manager and his immediate subordinate in work unit.

Scope of decentralization. It involves systematic delegation of authority at all levels and in all functions of the organization. It is an extension of delegation to the lowest levels in the organization. 


Ques 11: The employee of ABC Ltd. Take part in volleyball matches on Sunday. Name the types of organization formed. 

Ans:  Informal organization.


Ques 12: “The first Step in the process of organizing is identification and division of work” Why is he work divided into manageable activities? 

Ans: The work is divided  into manageable activities so that duplication of efforts and resources can be avoided and the burden of work can be shared among the employees.


Ques 13: While allocating work to various employees how the work must be assigned? 

Ans:  The work must be assigned to those who are best fitted to perform it well. 


Ques 14: Which Function of management is concerned with building a stable frame   work or structure of various parts of an enterprise? 

Ans: Organizing.


Ques 15: How can department or division be created?

Ans: It can be created on the basis of-

a) territory and b) products


Ques 16: How does an informal organization emerge?

Ans:  Informal organization emerges from within the formal organization  when people interact beyond their officially defined roles.


Ques 17: Name the organization which has the benefit of Easy to fix responsibility?

Ans:  Formal organization.


Ques 18: Name the type of organization which does not have predetermined objectives?

Ans: Informal organization. 


Ques 19: A Fashion design house has the following main job:-

(1) Manufacturing (2) Finance (3)Marketing (4) Personal (5) Research and Development .

Which organizational structure will you prefer for this type of a company and why?

Ans:  Functional organizational structure will be suitable.


Ques 20: Rina runs a shoe manufacturing factory. She wants to expand her business. For expansion she contemplated to enter into the manufacturing of leather bags and western formal wear apart from the running business of shoes.  By doing this her company will be able to provide many products to working women under one roof. Which organization structure will you suggest her and why?

Ans:  In this situation, Divisional Structure will be suitable as it provides equal importance to all products. Also describe the advantages of divisional organization structure. 


Ques 21: Name the activity which increase the importance of the role of subordinates?

 Ans:   Decentralization.


 Ques 22: For which kind of enterprises functional structure is more suitable?

Ans:   When the size of the organization is large, has a diversified activities and operations require a high degree of specialization.


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