CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Planning Set A

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Planning Set A



Q1) “Planning involves choice “Elaborate

Ans Planning involves choice from among various alternatives and activities.

Q2) “No smoking in office “ is an example of which type of plan?

Ans Rules

Q3) Name the function of management is considered a base for all other function

Ans Planning

Q4) Name the plan which specifies a detail step by step presentation of a job?

Ans Procedure

Q5) A company allows only eight leave for his employees during one year .Which type of plant is it?

Ans “Rules”

Q6) Without one function of management the controlling function is not possible. Name the concerned function.

Ans “Planning”

Q7) ‘No enterprises can achieve its objectives without systematic planning’. Do you agree with this ? Give any five reasons in support of your answer.


Is planning actually worth the huge costs involved ? Give 4 reasons[5]

Ans Yes ,it is worth every amount spent on its .A company needs to plan because of the following benefits.(Explain 4 important of planning).

(a)Provides Directions

(b)Reduce risk of uncertainty

(c)Promotes innovative ideas.

(d)Facilitate controlling.

Q8) “planning is not a guarantee of success of a business”. Comment


“sometimes planning fails in spite of the best efforts of management’. do you agree? Give any 5 reasons in support of your answers.


Why is it that organizations are not always able to accomplish all their objectives? [5]

Ans Hint: Yes, I agree with the statement ,planning though an important tool of management is not a remedy for all types of problems because it suffers from following limitations;[Explain any 4 limitation]


(b)Does not work in a dynamic environment

(c)Reduces creativity

(d)Involves huge costs.

Q9) Name the type of plan in which expected results are expressed in numerical term

Ans Budgets.

Q10) Name any two external factors due to which planning may not work.

Ans) (a) Political factors    (b) Economic factors

Q11) MC Donald’s Co. Does not give its franchise to any other co. which is running food business. this is related to which type of plan?

Ans  It is related to policy of the company.

Q12) In which step of planning process the planner make predictions and assumptions regarding future?

Ans “Setting up of planning premises for all alternatives” predictions are made.

Q13) IN which type of plan the sequence of activities to complete a job is determined

Ans under procedure

Q14) name the type of plan in which the moves of competitors is considered

Ans  it is strategy

Q15) a company needs a detailed plan for its new project’construction of a shopping mall’ what type of plan is it?

Ans it’s a program



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