CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Principles of Management Set A

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies HOTs Principles of Management Set A


Principles of Management

1.State the two methods through which management principles have been derived.

Ans: a) Observation method      b) Experimental method

2.What is the objective of fatigue study?

Ans: To find out ….

a) The number of rest intervals.  b)The frequency of rest intervals.  c) The duration of rest interval.

3.“The Principles of management are different from those used in pure science “. Comment.

Ans: The Principles of Management differ from those used in pure science as they are not rigid like principles of pure science since, they deal with human behavior which is unpredictable.

4. Who Suggested the concept of functional foreman ship?

Ans: F.W.Taylor.

5. Rohit keeps machines,materials,tools etc,ready for operations by concerned workers’. Whose work is described by this sentence under functional foreman ship?

Ans: Gang Boss

6.What is meant by flexibility of principles of management?

Ans : The principles of management are not rigid. They can be modified by the manager when the situation so demands.

7.What is the latest development in scientific management?

Ans: Lean Manufacturing.

8.Which principle of management ensures fairness to all employees by treating them as fairly as possible?

Ans: Principle of equity.

9.What is mental revolution?

Ans: Change in attitude of management & workers towards each other.

10‘. A subordinate receives order from more than one loss’ . Which principle in violated?

Ans: Unity of command.

11.Name the founder of gender theory of management?

Ans: Henry Fayol.

11.According to taylor “ even a small production activity like loading pigs of iron into boxcars can be scientifically planned and managed “ which principle of his is emphasized here?

Ans: sciencse not rule of thumb

12.“The true intentions of management and workers are one and the same and the prosperity of the one cannot exist without the prosperity of the other” which principle of taylor is being talked about.

Ans: harmony not discord.

13.What type of organizational objective is satisfied if an organization provides salary to the workers commensurate with their job?

Ans: personal objective

14. The production manager of a company is trying to produce good with minimum cost. Name the concept which is being focused by management.

Ans: efficiency

15. Hina & Hitesh are typists in a company having the same educational qualification. Hina is getting Rs3000 per month $ Hitesh is getting Rs 4000 per month as salary for the same work hours .Which principle of management is violated in this case? Name the principle $ explain it. [3]

Ans -In this case the ‘Principle of Equity’ is violated .As both are having same qualification working at same authority level but getting different salaries .(Explain the principle of Equity ).

16. Explain giving reasons under which situations techniques of Taylor are not applicable . [3]

Ans- Some techniques of Taylor are not universally applicable under some situations. These are:-

(a) Functional Foreman ship-This technique is not applicable in the organizations adopting principle of unity of command.

b) Differential piece rate system: This technique is not possible in organization following principle of equity.

c) Simplification: This technique is not suitable for organizations having objective of diversification and expansion of line of products and varieties

17: Develop a differential piece rate plan for a shirt manufacturing company

Ans: Standard target for an average worker 40 shirts in a day wage rate for those who achieve the target rs 10 per shirt wage rate for those who produce less than that rs 8 per shirt

18: An employee is asked to produce 100 units in one weeks time but he is not allowed to take out raw material from the store at the end of the week the employee could not complete his target because of insufficient supply of raw materials .can he be blamed ? which principle is associated with this condition? Explain it

Ans: no, we cannot blame the employee. The principal associated with this condition is principal of authority and responsibility.

(explain this principal)

19: Mohan a manager expects his subordinates to adopt to the new environment and working conditions without giving them time to settle down. Which principle is being overlooked.

Ans: the principle overlooked is principle of stability of tenure

20: Mohan a manager does not distribute the work among his subordinates either according to the capability or proportionately which principal of management is overlooked . what can be the consequences?

Ans: the principal overlooked is the principal of division of work

Following can be the consequences

1.lack of efficiency and effectiveness

2.lack of specialization



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