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Unit –VI


1. The quality of production is not as per standards. On investigation it was observed that most of the workers were not fully aware of the proper operation of the machinery. What could be the way to improve the accuracy?

Ans: Training

2. Name the sources of recruitment which involves shifting of an employee form one job to another, without a substantive change in the responsibilities and states of the employee.

Ans: Transfers.

3. Enumerate any two activities of HRM which is not covered in staffing.

a) Handling grievances & complaints.

b) Social security & welfare of employee.

4.Give examples of any two off the job methods of training.

Ans: a) Case study b) Films.

5.What can be the two possible outcomes of the situation of over staffing?

Ans:  a) Employee removal  b) Transfer

6. Name the process of introducing the selected employees to other employees & familiarly with the rules & policies of the organization.

Ans: Orientation.

7.What is placement?

Ans:The employee occupying the position or post for which the person has been selected.

8.Which method of training is suitable when employees are required to handle sophisticated machinery?

Ans: Vestibule training.

9. A company is manufacturing paper plates & bowls due to local festival it got an urgent order of extra 50000 plates bowls. Active which methods of recruitment would you suggest .

Ans: Labour contractors

9. Name the concept related to searching for prospective candidates.


What is pre requisite of selection?

Ans: Recruitment.

10. Why selection is called negative process?

Ans:Selection is considered as negative process because it involves rejection of unfit candidates and the number of rejected candidates is more than the number of selected candidates.

11.What information we get through aptitude test?

Ans: Aptitude Test helps, the organization to know whether the employee has capacity & talent to learn new skills

.12.Which Test helps the company to know about the qualities & the moral values of the candidate?

Ans: Personality Test.

13.Suppose you are the General Manager of Kapila & Co. Ltd. You have been directed by the Directors of the company to select a chartered accountant for the company. Explain the selection procedure you will follow for the same.

Ans : Hint: To appoint the C.A. for the company the following steps will be followed:

i) Preliminary screening.

ii) Selection Test

iii) Interview

iv) Background & reference

v) Selection Decision

vi) Medical Test

vii) Job Offer & Contract of employment.

14.Which source of recruitment is needed to bring new blood in the organization ? Explain any three advantages & any two limitations of this source.

Ans: Hint: External Source:


a) Wider Choice

b) Fresh Talent

c) Qualified candidates

d) Increases competition


a) Lengthy & Expensive

b) Discouragement to present employees

15. Training is beneficial both for the organization as well s for the employees. Explain any three benefits of training towards the organization & any three towards the employees.

Ans: Yes, Training is beneficial to both organization & employees benefits to organization

Systematic Learning

Employee productivity

Reduces absenteeism & Employee turnover.

Benefits to employees

Lead to better career.

Help in earn more.

Increase the satisfaction.

16.The worker of a factory remain idle because of lack of knowledge of hi-tech machines. Frequent visit of engineer is made which causes high overhead charges. How can this problem be removed.

Ans: The problem can be removed by giving necessary training to the workers- A coaching or vestibule training can be explained.

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