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DK Goel Solutions have been one of the most preferred books which is used by commerce students of Class 11 and Class 12 for Accountancy. The Solutions for DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 and 12 has been created by accounts teachers at

Accountancy is a preferred subject by commerce students. It's a really interesting and scoring subject for Class 11 and 12 students. If you have studied accountancy properly then it will help you in professional fields of CA, ICWA, CFA and many other post-graduation courses.  DK Goel accountancy books are being used by all students as it clearly explains the concepts and helps to make your accountancy concepts stronger.

The DK Goel textbook solutions are clearly explained and have been given chapter-wise and if studied properly will help in your board exams.


Benefits of DK Goel textbook solutions for Accountancy:

  1. Most preferred book for textbook solutions
  2. Has been developed as per the latest accountancy syllabus issued by CBSE
  3. You can refer to the solutions here free
  4. Can be used for revision during examinations
  5. All solutions have been provided in a manner that will help students to understand difficult concepts
  6. Solutions have been given for each chapter
  7. The latest edition DK Goel accountancy textbook has been used for the solutions

DK Goel Accountancy Solutions for Class 11 and 12

DK Goel Accountancy class 11 and 12 solutions are detailed and have been clearly explained so that it's helpful for students for preparing and revising all chapters. The DK Goel Accountancy solutions should be used for board examinations also. We have made the solutions in an easy-to-understand manner. The textbook is available for students and the solutions can be downloaded by clicking on the links below for both classes.

DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions

Class 11 commerce students read Accountancy for the first time. To build a strong base on Accountancy they refer to DK Goel Class 11 textbook. This book has 27 chapters which clearly explain the basics of Accountancy. Teachers have been recommending this book regularly. Students should carefully understand the concepts given in each chapter and then solve the questions. We have provided below answers to all questions given in the latest book. Please refer to links below to download all latest solutions of DK Goel Accountancy book

Chapter 1 Meaning and Objectives of Accounting

Chapter 2 Basic Accounting Terms

Chapter 3 Accounting Principles

Chapter 4 Process and Bases of Accounting

Chapter 5 Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Chapter 6 Accounting Equations

Chapter 7 Double Entry System

Chapter 8 Origin of Transactions: Source Documents of Accountancy

Chapter 9 Books of Original Entry – Journal

Chapter 10 Accounting for Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Chapter 11 Books of Original Entry – Cash Book

Chapter 12 Books of Original Entry – Special Purpose Subsidiary Books

Chapter 13 Ledger

Chapter 14 Trial Balance and Errors

Chapter 15 Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter 16 Depreciation

Chapter 17 Provisions and Reserves

Chapter 18 Bills of Exchange

Chapter 19 Rectification of Errors

Chapter 20 Capital and Revenue

Chapter 21 Financial Statements

Chapter 22 Financial Statements – With Adjustments

Chapter 23 Accounts from Incomplete Records

Chapter 24 Introduction to Computers

Chapter 25 Introduction to Accounting Information System

Chapter 26 Computerised Accounting System

Chapter 27 Accounting Software package: Tally


DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions

Students can refer to the chapter-wise links below to access Class 12 DK Goel solutions. All solutions have been designed based on the latest DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 book published for the current academic session. This book has some very useful chapters which will help you to prepare for the Class 12 Accountancy board exams. Each chapter has questions given at the end. Students should carefully understand the concepts given in each chapter and then solve the questions. You can compare your answers with the solutions provided for each chapter by our teachers below.

DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions Part A Volume 1

Chapter 1 Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations

Chapter 2 Accounting for Partnership Firms Fundamentals

Chapter 3 Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners 

Chapter 4 Admission of a Partner

Chapter 5 Retirement or Death of a Partner

Chapter 6 Dissolution of a Partnership Firm


DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions Part A Volume 2

Chapter 7 Company Accounts Issue of Share

Chapter 8 Company Accounts Issue of Debentures

Chapter 9 Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures


DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions Part B

Chapter 1 Financial Statements of Companies

Chapter 2 Financial Statements Analysis

Chapter 3 Tools for Financial Analysis

Chapter 4 Common Size Statements

Chapter 5 Accounting Ratios

Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statements



DK Goel Accountancy Book Solutions for Class 11

Accountancy is first introduced to the student's curriculum in Class 11, making them anxious to explore the subject. This is the time when they discover Accountancy as either an easy subject or develop a diplomatic view of this subject. But it is essential to grab the ideologies and fundamentals of the subject and implement the best technique to study Accountancy under the guidance of chapter-wise solutions in textbooks. But the students often wonder to comprehend the theories and ideologies of the subject. Well, no worries, we are here to present you, the DK Goel Solutions for Class 11, to provide you with an extra push to climb the ladder of theories in Accountancy. So, let's dive in to explore the Dk Goel Solutions.

Benefits of Learning from DK Goel Solutions Class 11

DK Goel is one of the most valuable sources for exam preparation. DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 helps Commerce students confidently get hold of Accountancy theories through a bucket full of methods and examples. The DK Goel Solutions Class 11 is one of the most fruitful mechanisms for the students as –

Professional Accountancy Experts outlines DK Goel Solutions.

  1. Specific answers are elaborately explained to cover all the topics.
  2. DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 guides the students with the concepts and theories vital for the exam.
  3. It portrays the answer in an easy format based on the CBSE syllabus.
  4. DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 provides the use of suitable chapter-wise study material.
  5. Complex problems, theories, and ideologies are broken down into easy illustrations.
  6. DK Goel Solutions touches every sphere of Class 11 Accountancy to serve you with quality content. 
  7. Any student can access these solutions, as they are free of cost.


Preparation Guide for DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions

Accountancy bound the Commerce students with tons of theories and solutions, which puzzles students to grasp an order of precedence to unlock this subject's difficulties. Therefore, the students must explore Accountancy by the following methods –

Understand before Learning – Understanding a subject is the basis of its development. Every student must have clear ideas about the definitions, theories, terms, and examples of Accountancy concepts.

Practice Questions – As we know, practice is the key to Perfection. To make concepts strong, we need to practice and work on examples of respective concepts.

Solve the Past Year's Question Papers – The students must go through the previous year's question papers and try to solve them, as this will assist them in getting a hold of the questions pattern and marks distribution system.

Solve Sample Papers – If you want to score well in exams, the sample papers must be your companion. Solve the sample papers to analyse questions and solutions of different difficulty levels and get proper guidance of the expected and important question on specific concepts.

Revise – Revision is the key to remember all the essential concepts, definitions.


Chapter Details of DK Goel Solutions 

The chapters details of DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 are as follows – 

Chapter 1: Meaning and Objectives of Accounting – In the initial chapter of DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions presents a glimpse of the subject to the students, explaining about – 

  1. Meaning of the term 'Accountancy.'
  2. Balance Sheets 
  3. Financial Statements
  4. Debtors 
  5. Profit & Loss 
  6. Cash Discount 

Chapter 2: Basic Accounting Terms – This chapter introduces the basic accounting terms such as profit, loss, revenue, revenue expenditures, current assets, fixed assets, etc., to the students.

Chapter 3: Accounting Principles – This chapter in DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 presents the fundamental principles of Accountancy to the learners, which includes –

· Characteristics of Accounting Principles 

· Elaboration on Separate Legal Entity

· Meaning of Basic Accounting Equation

Chapter 4: Process and Bases of Accounting – This chapter briefs about Cash Bases and Accrual Bases to the students.

Chapter 5: Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – This chapter is all about the norms and guidance based on which a company drafts its financial statements.

Chapter 6: Accounting Equation- The chapter defines the necessities of the accounting equation and numerical problems.

Chapter 7: Double-Entry System – This chapter clarifies the Double-Entry System to the students.

Chapter 8: Origin of Transactions – This chapter discloses about initial phases of transactions.

Chapter 9: Journal – This chapter in Dk Goel Accountancy Class 11 serves the students with vivid knowledge about journals.

Chapter 10: Accounting for Goods and Service Tax(GST) – In this chapter of DK Goel Accounting Solutions Class 11, the students learn GST theories.

Chapter 11: Cashbook – This chapter presents the best solutions for the Cashbook sums.

Chapter 12: Special Purpose Subsidiary Books – This DK Goel Accounting Solutions Class 11 contains a subsidiary book posting of transaction sums.

Chapter 13: Ledger – This chapter presents the students with almost 13 numerical sums on Ledger Posting.

Chapter 14: Trial Balance and Errors – This chapter gives the students a clear picture of the trial balance system.

Chapter 15: Bank Reconciliation Statements – This DK Goel Solutions chapter helps you grasp the concepts based on bank reconciliation statements.

Chapter 16: Depreciation – This chapter guides the students to calculate depreciation and to explore its meaning.

Chapter 17: Provisions and Reserves –  This chapter helps the students to understand the true meaning of provisions and reserves.

Chapter 18: Bills and Exchanges – This chapter includes numerical sums based on – interest amounts, discounting charges, etc.

Chapter 19: Rectification of Errors – This chapter allows the students to learn the methods to handle and rectify errors in the sums.

Chapter 20: Capital and Revenue -  This chapter gives a brief of Capital Expenditure, Revenue Expenditure, etc., to the students.

Chapter 21: Financial Statements – This chapter in DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 Solutions teaches the students to calculate adjusted purchase, the cost of sold goods, gross profit, direct expenditure, the value of sales, and many more.

Chapter 22: Financial Statements – with Adjustments-  This chapter deals with the calculations of financial statements and adjustment of the data.

Chapter 23: Accounts from Incomplete Records – This chapter provides a bucket full of numerical sums along with solutions.

Chapter 24: Introduction to Computers -  This chapter tells you about computers and their components like hardware, software, etc.

Chapter 25: Introduction to Accounting Information System – This chapter in DK Goel Accountancy Class 11 explains various Accounting Information System aspects.

Chapter 26: Computerised Accounting System – This chapter briefs about the working of Computerised Accounting System and it's the difference with manual accounting mechanism.

Chapter 27: Accounting Software Package – Tally – This chapter trains the students to use tally software efficiently. 


DK Goel Accountancy Book Solutions for Class 12

DK Goel Accountancy Class 12

Accountancy in Class 12 castes a spell of confusion on many commerce students, having difficulties understanding and learning the subject. Here, DK Goel Solutions jumps as the saviour of these students. The DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 is one of the foremost useful study mechanisms for the Class 12 commerce students. DK Goel Solutions Class 12 can be used as a medicine by many students to beat the hectic class 12 Accountancy syllabus. DK Goel Solutions is designed according to the CBSE Class 12 curriculum, so there is high speculation of those questions appearing on the boards. DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions helps the students comprehend the fundamentals of Accountancy, which in return helps them dismantle diplomatic problems into easy and convenient steps.

Why Should You Choose DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions?

As Accountancy is one of the Commerce stream's core subjects, you need the best guide for it. DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 presents the most efficient and sophisticated Accountancy learning mechanism to the students. DK Goel Solutions are carefully designed by the experts of Accountancy fields. DK Goel Solutions has conquered the throne of one of the best learning options in the Commerce Stream. 

The key benefits of using DK Goel Solutions Class 12 are –

  1. DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solution presents the most committed solutions to the questions.
  2. It serves as a straightforward solution to troublesome queries.
  3. The best Accountancy facilities design it according to the Class 12 CBSE syllabus.
  4. It offers detailed solutions without creating much confusion.
  5. DK Goel Solutions serve as a comprehensive measure for the students to learn and revise.
  6. It provides all of its study material free of cost so that any student can access them.

Specialities of DK Goel Solutions Class 12

DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 avails the students with a new sphere of Accountancy learnings. It offers precise, easy to understand study material, which catalyzes the students to conquer academic excellence. DK Goel Solutions offers a wide range of questions along with their correct solutions to the students. The list of specialities offered by DK Goel Solutions Class 12 are as follows – 

  1. It offers a large number of problems based on specific concepts at the end of the chapters. 
  2. It provides numerous value-based problems at the end of each chapter.
  3. It offers a list of practical questions based on the CBSE syllabus, at the end of the chapters, along with hints of the methods to solve them. This enables a clear understanding of concepts by solving a variety of problems.
  4. All the solutions in DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 beautifully elaborate questions with perfect examples. This makes the topics crystal clear to understand and implement for the students.
  5. The book offers a well-designed interface including short answer type questions, MCQs, long answer questions, value-based questions, along with proper mentions of marks weightage based on CBSE question papers.

Chapter Details of DK Goel Solutions 

DK Goel Solutions Class 12 comes in two Volumes, Volume – 1 presents Partnership Accounts and the Volume - 2 covers the Company Accounts.

So, let's have a look at Part A Volume – 1 chapters :

  1. Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations : How to make financial statements of Non Profit Organizations
  2. Chapter 2: Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundamentals – Partnership firms represent the companies in which more than a single owner divides the profits and liabilities. In this system, the accounting shares are defined by the partner at the time of finalizing financial agreements. The class 12 students are introduced to this profit and loss system in a Partnership Firm at the very beginning of their Accountancy syllabus. This chapter includes four types of sums for the students.
  3. Chapter 3: Changing in Profit-Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners – This chapter deals with the change of the ratio of business profit shares among an agency's partners under certain circumstances. In this chapter, the students get a glimpse of sacrifice ratio, average profit, gaining ratio, etc.
  4. Chapter 4: Admission of a Partner – This is the third chapter of DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Volume 1, which with the changes of shares on the addition of a new partner in a business.
  5. Chapter 5: Retirement or Death of a Partner -  The fourth chapter of DK Goel Solutions presents the execution of different theories and calculations on the death or retirement of an existing partner in a company.
  6. Chapter 6: Dissolution of Partnership Firm – Chapter 5 of DK Goel Solutions Class 12 briefs the accounting terminologies required when an agency dissolves, owing to certain partners' benefits.

let's have a look at Part A Volume – 2 chapters :

  1. Chapter 7 Company Accounts Issue of Share : Accounting treatment when company issues shares
  2. Chapter 8 Company Accounts Issue of Debentures : Accounting treatment when company issues debentures
  3. Chapter 9 Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures Accounting treatment when company does redemption of debentures

Part B of DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions

  1. Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Companies – This chapter offers a vivid knowledge of the procedures to draft the balance sheets to the students.
  2. Chapter 2: Financial Statements Analysis – This chapter of DK Goel Solutions deals with the methods, objectives, uses of financial statements.
  3. Chapter 3: Tools of Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements – This chapter includes the study of comparative balance sheets.
  4. Chapter 4: Common Size Statements – This chapter defines the meaning and the theories behind common size statements.
  5. Chapter 5: Accounting Ratios – This chapter helps the students to grasp the accounting ratios such as current liability, quick ratio, current ratio, and many more.
  6. Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statements – This is one of the utmost vital chapters of Class 12 Accountancy. DK Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions offers an easy way of learning the concepts and ideas of cash flow.

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