CBSE Class 11 Economics Rural Development Assignment

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* Rural development is an action plan for the economic and social upliftment of rural areas.

* Key issues in rural development.

(i) A robust system of rural credit.

(ii) A system of marketing that ensures remunarative price to the farmer for his produce.

(iii) Diversification of crops that reduces risks of production and induces commercialisation of forming.

(iv) Diversification of production activity with a view to find alternative means of sustainable living other than crop- cultivation.

(v) Promotion of organic farming with a view to make crop cultivation environmental friendly as well as a sustainable process over a long period of time.

* Rural credit means credit for the farming families. Farmers require credit for various purposes.

* Sources of rural credit in India -

1. Non- institutional sources are money lenders, traders and commission agents, landlord, relatives and friends.

2. Institutional sources are as follows -

(i) Co-operative credit societies.

(ii) Commercial Banks

(iii) Regional banks

(iv) NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.)

* Agricultural marketing includes - gathering the produce after harvesting, processing the produce, grading the produce according to its quality, packaging the produce according to preferences of buyers, storing the produce for future sale and selling the produce when price lucrative.


1. What is rural development?

2. What is meant by agricultural diversification?

3. What is TANWA?

4. What is ‘Golden Revolution’?

5. Write two instruments to safequard the interests of farmers by the government.

6. What is co-operative marketing?

7. What do you mean by ‘Operation Flood’?

8. What do you mean by micro credit programme.

9. Define non-institutional sources of agricultural credit.

10. What is agricultural marketing?

11. Mention two limitations of rural banking.

12. Name two institutional sources of agricultural credit.

13. Which state has an efficient implimentation of milk co-operatives?

14. When was NABARD established?

15. What is sustainable development?


1. Give two basic objectives of the co-operative credit societies.

2. Explain the importance of self help groups (SHG’S) in rural areas.

3. Why is state intervention necessary to regulate the activities of private traders in the rural agricultural sector?

4. How has horticulture encouraged Indian rural development?

5. Is it possible to develop imformation technology as an alternate livdihood option? Give reasons.

6. Why does indian farmer need credit?

7. Why were alternate marketing chennels set up?

8. What are the advantages of organic farming?

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