CBSE Class 11 Economics Human Capital Formation in India Assignment

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Points to remember

* Human capital refers to the stock of skill, ability, experties, education and knowledge in a nation at a point of time.

* Human capital formation is the process of adding to the stock of human capital overtime.

* Sources of human capital formation

(i) Expanditure on education

(ii) Expanditure on health

(iii) On the job training

(iv) Study programmes for adults

(v) Migration and expanditure on information

* Role of human capital formation in economic growth

(i) Raises production

(ii) Change in emotional and physical envirnment of growth.

(iii) Improves quality of life.

(iv) Raises life expactancy

(v) Innovative skills.

(vi) Raises social justice and equality

* Problems facing human capital formation

(i) Rising population

(ii) High regional and gender inequality

(iii) Brain drain

(iv) Insufficient man power planning.
(v) Insufficient on the job training in agriculture
(vi) High poverty levels
(vii) Low acadamic standards

 * Importance and objectives of education

 (i) Education produces good citizens.

 (ii) Education facilitates use of resources in the country.

 (iii) Develops science and technology.

 (iv) Expands mental horizon of the people.

 (v) Promotes cultural standard of the citizens.

 (vi) Develops human personality.

 * Problems relating to development of education in India.

 (i) Large number of illiteretes

 (ii) Inadequate vocationalisation

 (iii) Gender bios

 (iv) Low rural access level

 (v) Low government expanditure on education

 * Human capital formation in India

 (i) The seventh five year plan stressed upon the importance of human capital.

 (ii) In India, ministry of education at the centre and state level NCERT,

 (National Council of Educational Research and Training), UGC

 (University Grants commission) , AICTE (All India Council of

 Technical Education) Regulate the education sector.


1. What is meant by human capital formation?

2. Define human capital.

3. What is investment in education?

4. Which five year plan recognised the importance of human capital?

5. Why do we need to invest in human capital?

6. What is on -the -job training?

7. What is the difference between literacy and education?

8. What do you mean by the term sources of human capital formation?

9. How does human capital formation improve quality of life?

10. Name the movement started by national literacy mission.


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