CBSE Class 11 Economics Collection of Data Assignment

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Collection of Data

* For statistical investigation, collection of data is the first and foremost.

Important points to be kept in mind While drafting the questionnaire

A. Introduction and purpose of investigation.

B. Reasonable number of questions.

C. Questions should be small & clear.

D. Questions should be arranged logically.

E. Instructions should be clear.

F. Proper space for answer.

G. Questions should be relevant to the investigation.

H. Personal questions should be avoided.

I. Avoid questions of calculations.

Methods of Sampling

Random Sampling                       Non-Random Sampling

a. Simple or unrestricted                  a. Judgement sampling random sampling

b. Restricted random sampling         b. Quota sampling

i) Stratified                                         c- convenience sampling

ii) systematic

iii) multistage or cluster sampling.

* Census survey : In this method every element of population is included in the investigation.

* Sample Survey : In this method a group of units respresenting all the units of the population is investigated.

* Population or universe : In statistics population or universe simply refers to an aggregate of items to be studied for an investigation.

*Sample : A group of items taken from the population for investigation and representative of all the items.

* Sampling Errors : Sampling error is the difference between the result of studying a sample and the result of the census of the whole population

* Non - Sampling Error : Can occur in and type of survey wheather it be a census or sample survey.

Sampling errors  Non sampling errors

1. Biased errors  1. Error in data acquisition

2. unbiased errors 2. Non. response error

3. Measurement error

* Pilot survey : Before sending the questionnaire to the in formants, it should be pre-tested. As a result of its shortcomings if any, can
be removed. Such pre-testing named as “Pilot survey”.

* Primary data : Data originally callected in the process of investigation are known as primary data.

* Secondary data : Which have been collected for some other purpose by some other agency are called secondary data.
Census of India and National Sample survey Organisation

* The census of India provides the most complete and continuous  demographic records of population.

* The NSSO was established by the Govt. of India to conduct nation wide survey on socio-economic issues like employment literacy,
maternity, child care utilisation of public distribution system etc.

* The data collected by NSSO survey are released through reports and its quarterly journal “Sarvekshana”.


1. Differentiate between primary and secondary data.

2. Write four merits of census method of collecting the data.

3. Mention three demerits of sample method of collecting the data.

4. Distinguish between sampling and non-sampling errors.

5. What is meant by census method?

6. What do you mean by random sampling?.

7. Discuss the term ‘universe’ and ‘sample’ with example.

8. Census of India is the main source of secondary data. explain.

9. What is pilot survey? explain its importance.


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