CBSE Class 11 Economics Measures Of Central Tendency Assignment

CBSE Class 11 Economics Measures Of Central Tendency Assignment . Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination.


Points to Remember :-

* A central tendency is a single figure that represents the whole mass of data.

* Arithmetic mean or mean is the number which is obtained by adding the values of all the items of a series and dividing the total by the number of items.

* When all items of a series are given equal importance than it is called simple arithmetical mean and when different items of a series are given different weights according with their relative importance is known weighted arithmetic mean.

* Median is the middle value of the series when arranged in ascending order.

* When a series is divided into more than two parts, the dividing values are called partition values.

* If a statistical series is divided into four equal parts, the end value of each part is called a quartile and denoted by ‘Q’.

* The first quantile or lower quartile (Q1) is that value which divides the first half of an orderly arranged series into two equal parts.

* Third quartile or upper quartile (Q3) is that value which divides the latter half of an ascending orderly arrenged series into two equal parts.

* Mode is the value which occurs most frequently in the series, that is modal value has the highest frequency in the series.


1. What is meant by central tendency?.

2. What are the types of mean?.

3. Name any two partition values.

4. Give the meaning of arithmatic average.

5. Define mode.

6. Pocket money of 8 students is Rs. 6,12,18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48, calculate mean.

7. Write the formula for weighted mean.

8. What is the relation among the mean, median and mode?

9. Which partition value divide the total set of values into four equal parts.

10. Give the meaning of combined mean.

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