CBSE Class 11 Economics Measures Of Dispersion Assignment

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Points to rememeber

* Dispersion is a measure of the variation of the items from central value.

* The measures of dispersion are important to compare uniformity, consistency and reliability amongst variables/ senes

* Absolute measures of dispersion are expressed in terms of original unit of series.

* Relative measures are expressed in ratios or percentage, also known as coefficients of dispersion.


* The Lorenz curve devised by Dr. Max O. Lorenz, is a graphic method of studying dispersion.

* The Lorenz curve always lies- below the line of equal distribution, unless the distribution is uniform.

* The Area between the line of equal distribution and the plotted curve gives the extent of inequality in the items. The larger the area, more is the inequality.


1. What is inter quartile range?.

2. Give the formula of calculating coefficient of variation.

3. What is Lorenz Curve?

4. Calculate range 22, 35, 32, 45, 42, 48, 39

5. Which graphical method is used to measure dispersion?

6. Give the meaning of dispersion.

7. How is coefficient of mean deviation computed?

8. Which measure of dispersion covers middle 50% of the items?

9. Write one major demerit of mean deviation.

10. What do you mean by relative measure of dispersion?

11. What is a line of equal distribution.

12. Write two demerits of range.

13. Which is most widely used and best measurement of dispersion.

14. Give the formula of calculating quartile deviation.

15. Write two uses of range.


1. Mention important measures of dispersion.

2. Mention any two merits and two demerits of mean deviation.

3. Distinguish between mean deviation and standard deviation.

4. What do you understand by dispersion? Describe the various methods of computing dispersion.

5. Discuss the relative merits of range, mean deviation and standard deviation as measures of dispersion.

6. Find the range and coefficient of range of the following :

CBSE Class 11 Economics Measures Of Dispersion

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