CBSE Class 11 Economics Correlation Assignment

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Points to Remember

* Meaning of correlation :

Correlatin is a statistical tool which studies the relationship between two variables. For e.g. change in price leads to change in quantity demanded.

* Correlation studies and measures the direction and intensity of relationship among variables. It measures covariation not causation.

* Types of Correlation

Correlation is classified into positive and negative correlation. 

The correlation is said to be positive when the variables move together in the same direction. For e.g. sale of Ice cream and temperature move in same direction.

The correlation is said to be negative when the variables move in opposite direction. For e.g. When you spend more time in studying chances of your failing decline.

* Examples of positive correlation are :

1. Price of commodity and amount of supply

2. Increase in height and weight.

3. Age of husband and age of wife.

4. The family income and expenditure on luxury items.

Examples of negative correlation are :

1. Sale of woollen garments and day temperature.

2. Demand of a commodity may go down as a result of rise in prices.

3. Yield of crops and price.

* Degree of Correlation :

CBSE Class 11 Economics Correlation

* Methods of estimating correlation.

(a) Scatter diagram

(b) Karl pearson’s coefficient of correlation.

(c) Spearman’s rank correlation.

-- Scatter diagram offers a graphic expression of the direction and degree of correlation.

-- Karl pearson’s coefficient of correlation is a quantitative method of calculating correlation. It gives a precise numerical value of the
degree of linear relationship between two variables.

-- Karl pearson’s coefficient of correlation is also known as product moment correlation.

 CBSE Class 11 Economics Correlation


1. What is meant by correlation?

2. List some variables where accurate measurement is difficult.

3. What is negative correlation?

4. Give the meaning of positive correlation.

5. What is the range of simple correlation coefficient?

6. State the type of correlation when two variables change in the same ratio.

7. Give two examples of positive correlation?

8. Mention the principal short coming of scatter diagram as a method of estimating correlation.

9. Give two examples of negative correlation.

10. When is rank correlation method used?

11. Mention the names of different methods for measuring correlation.

12. What is the main demerit of spearman’s rank method?

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