CBSE Class 11 Economics Poverty Assignment

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Key points :

* Poverty is the inability to fulfill the minimum requirement of life. Like food, clothing, housing education and health facilities etc. 

* Relative poverty refers to poverty of people in comparison to other people, region or nations.

* Absolute poverty refers to total number of people living below the poverty line.

* Poverty line refers to that line which express per capita average monthly expenditure incurred by the people to satisfy their munimum needs.

* Those people who are always poor and those who are usually poor called chronic poor.

* All those people who are churring poor moving in and out of poverty like seasonal workers and occasionally poor called transient poor.

* Those people who live above the poverty line. They are called non poor.

* The ratio between urban and rural area of the population live below the poverty line has declined since 2000. Still 27% of population is poor and 70% of poor population live in Utar pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bangal and Orisa.


* Causes of Poverty :-

1. Rapid increase in population

2. Low level of National product.

3. Rise in price

4. Unemployment

5. Low rate of growth

6. Capital deficiency.


1. Define poverty.

2. How does absolute poverty measured in India?

3. What is meant by relative poverty?

4. Who are called chronic poor?

5. State the category of those people who are churning poor moving in and out of poverty.

6. How does rise in price is responsable for poverty?

7. Define poverty line?


1. What is meant by poverty. Distingush absolute and relative poverty?

2. How does chronic unemployment increase the poverty?

3. Briefly explain the three approaches adopted by the Indian Government to combat poverty.

4. Explain the relation of poverty and inequalities.

5. Write a short note on Swarn Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna.


1. Explain briefly the causes for poverty.

2. Explain briefly the measures adopted by the Government to remove poverty.

3. Give the critical assesment of poverty alleviation programmes.

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