CBSE Class 11 Economics Organisation and Presentation of Data Assignment

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Features of a good table

* Compatible title

* Helpful in comparisian.

* Ideal size

* Stubs

* Clearification of units.

* Percenage and ratio.

* Source simple.

* Bar diagrams are those diagrams in which data are presented in the form of bars and rectangles.

* Utility / Merits of Diagrammatic Presentation.

1. Make simple to compare data

2. Attractive and eye catchers.

3. Longterm memorising effect.

4. Useful in comparative / relative study.

* Sub divided bar diagrams are those diagrams Which present simultaneously, total values and parts there in a set of a data.

* Pie or circuler diagram is a circle divided into various segment showing the percent value of a series.

* Histogram is graphical presentation of a frequency distribution of a continuous series.

* Frequency polygon is drawn by joining the mid points of the tops of rectangles in a histogram.

* Frequecy curve is obtained by joining the points of a frequecy polygon through free hand smoothed curves not by straight lines.

* Cumulative frequency curves or ogive curve is the curve which is constructed by plotting cumulative frequency data on the graph
paper in the form of a smooth curve.



1. What is meant by organisation of data?

2. State the meaning of classification.

3. What is meant by homogeneity of data?

4. State the meaning of qualitative classification.

5. Define raw data.

6. Define discrete series or frequency array.

7. What is meant by exclusive series?

8. Write the name of the series which include all items up to its upper limit.

9. What is meant by frequency?

10. State the meaning of class intervals.

11. What is meant by tabulation?

12. Define caption as a part of table.

13. What is meant by manifold table?

14. Define bar diagrams.

15. State the meaning of sub-divided bar diagrams.


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