CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheet - Revision Worksheet (2)

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Social Science Worksheet

Class: VII


Q.1. Fill in the blanks:

a) Another name of Masulipatnam is ____________________.

b) Benares emerged as an important __________________ centre.

c) During the Medieval period India was ____________________.

d) The word ‘Gond’ means __________________.

e) The founder of the Ahom kingdom was _______________________.

f) The character Shabari from the Ramayana belongs to the __________________ tribe.

Q.2. True or False:

i) Ibn Batuta visited India during Alauddin Khilji’s reign.

ii) The Bhils were poor at hunting.

iii) Gondwana was also called Garh-Katanga.

iv) The capital of the Vijayanagar empire was Hampi.

v) Some towns in medieval India served multiple functions.

vi) Chukapha belonged to the Ming dynasty in China.


Q.1. Give one word for the following:

a) Chinook is a local wind that blows down the slopes of the-

b) Instrument used to measure air pressure is called the-

c) South Westerlies blow in the-

d) The temperature at which condensation starts is called-

e) Thick cloud-like formations at ground level in winter is called-

Q.2. Match the columns:

i) Roaring forties a) cloud nights

ii) High temperature b) around 40*S latitude

iii) Humidity c) sleet

iv) Frost d) moisture in the atmosphere

v) Snow & rain e) low pressure


Q.1. Fill in the blanks:

a) The ____________________ is a water management scheme.

b) The Chairperson of the State Planning Commission is the _______________________.

c) The Planning Commission was set up in ____________________.

d) Media has become an _____________________ part of our lives.

e) The Right to Information Act came into force in _________________________.

Q.2. True or False:

i) Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state in the country.

ii) One should not analyse the availability of existing resources while planning.

iii) Public opinion shapes government policy.

iv) There are no checks on the mass media in India.

v) The Right to Information Act increases transparency in governance.

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