CBSE Class 7 Geography - Revision

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Revision

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1. Which the densest layer of the atmosphere?

a) Mesosphere b) Stratosphere c) Troposphere d) Thermosphere

2. _______ is the science of the study of the earthquake

a) Seismology b) Sociology c) topography d) Geology

3. Firoj Shah Bahamani ruled from

a) 1397 A.D. to 1422 A.D b) 1297 A.D to 1322 A.D c) 1197 to 1222 A.D

d) None of these

4. Who built the kirti stambha at Chittor ?

a) Rana Sangram singh b) Rana Kumbha c) Maharana Pratap d) None of these

5. Which one of the following is not a Union territory?

a) Chandigarh b) Goa c) Delhi d) Pondicherry

6. Who invented first printing machine with type mould?

a) Johan Gutenberg b) Shakespeare c) John Milton d) John Keats

B. Answer the following in very brief:

1. What is the unit of measurement of atmospheric pressure?

2. What type of climate does India have?

3. What is the special feature of sedimentary rock?

4. Which was the main religion followed in southern kingdoms?

5. Who completed the Kutubh Minar?

6. Why is media called a watch dog of democracy?

C. Answer the following in brief:

1. Define media.

2. Enlist three functions of councils of ministers of state.

3. Define tropopause.

4. How did Iltutmish save Delhi from the wrath of Chenghis khan.

D. Long Answers:

1. What are the major soil types found in India? Give one important features of each.

2. What do you know about the origin of Rajputs?

3. Describe the powers of the Governor of the State.

F.a On an Outline map of the world mark and name 2 areas of each type of vegetation


b. Take an outline map of India and label the areas of major soil types on it.

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