CBSE Class 9 English Preposition Worksheet

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A) Complete the following letter with one suitable in each blank.

Dear Johnny I am sorry (i) ________ my inability to keep an appointment (ii) _________you yesterday. I promised to see you (iii) ______Om-Cineplex (iv)______8.15 p.m. you must have waited (v) _______ me there. I sincerely apologies (vi) __________ you for my absence. Well, let me. Explain what happened. My elder brother met (vii) ________an accident while returning (viii) ________ college. He was (ix) __________ great pain .i had to rush him (x) _________the hospital. Now he is better. I hope you’ll not keep a grudge (xi) ________me for this. Hoping (xii) _________ see you soon.Yours sincerel Jimmy

B) Fill in the blank with suitable prepositions:

1.The horse was painted _________john.

2.The train runs ______________Mumbai and New Delhi.

3.She works __________ a coffee plantation.

4. He promised to return __________an hour, but he didn’t.

5.________ last month I haven’t seen her.

6.There was a discussion going on _________the students.

7.Keep the parcel ___________the box.

8.Children like to sit ___________their friends.

9. The drunkard fell ___________an innocent child.

10____________ being canned by the teacher, he was also fined.

11.You must stop writing ____________ten minutes.

12.We sit ______________the dining table for dinner.

13.The student was punished ___________a stick.

14.There is unity _____________the leaders.

5.The snake crawled ___________the hole.

C) Fill in the blank with suitable prepositions from those given in brackets:

1.The girl jumped ___________the roof. (to/ from/ of)

2. He put the oranges _________a basket. (upon/ to/ into)

3. The sun went _________the clouds. behind/ on to)

4.Can you tell me the way ______the airport? (to/ in/at)

5. The Republic Day is celebrated ____26th January every year. (from/ in/ on)

6. They shared the same room __________February to September. (for/ from/ since)

7.They walked _________the green field and reached the bank of the river. (at/ across/for)

8. The naughty boy hid himself ________a tree. (in/ on/ behind)

9. My friend invited me __________his house for dinner. (at/ to/ in)

10. Look, the police is running ___________the culprit. (behind/ after/ with) after

(D) The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the word that you have sullied.

1.Nasir Ahmed Soomro is the tallest man on the

2. He is at Taiwan to spend four months living in the Guiness World Record Museum. He is the first record holder

3.Employed as a crowd puller of he museum which has a number

4.From life-size models of Guiness book

5.29 years old Soomro is to become Quite literally a museum exhibit and a sporting ambassador trying to

6.Promote exercise in school children.

(E) in the passage given below. One word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that from your answer is underlined.

1.Spiders are the most fascinating nature’s

2.Smaller creature. Several hundred species

3. Spiders are found India. They are often shy and most are short-sighted. They are quick get away when we come too close. Often they don’t

4. A large number spiders inhabit our Environment the females only two kinds

5. Are know be dangerous. Many of the deadly looking spiders do not harm us.

6. So there is no justification at all the Superstitious beliefs regarding the spiders.


A. (I) for (ii) with (iii) at (iv) at (v) for (vi) with (vii) with (viii) from (ix) in (x) to (xi) from (xii) to

B. (i) by (ii) between (iii) on (iv) in (v) since (vi) among (vii) underneath (viii) beside (ix) upon (x) Besides (xi) within (xii) at (xiii) with (xiv) among (xv) into

C. (i) from. (ii) into (iii) behind (iv) to (v) on (vi) from (vii) across (viii) behind (ix) to (x) after Incorrect correct

D. Nasir Ahmad Soomro is the tallest man on the (a) on in World. He is at Taiwan to spend four months living in the (b) at in Guiness World Record Museum. He is the first record holder Employed as a crowd puller of he museum which has a number (c) of for From life-size models of Guiness book (d) from of Personalities. 29 years old Soomro is of to become (e) of out Quite literally a museum exhibit and a sporting ambassador trying to Promote exercise in school children. (f) in among

E. Spiders are the most fascinating / nature’s (a) fascinating of Smaller creatures. Several hundred species/ (b) species of Spiders Spiders are found/ India. They are often sky (c) found in India And most are short-sighted. They are quick/ get (d) quick to get Away when we come too close. Often they don’t Sting. A large number/ spiders inhabit our (e) number of Spiders Environment. /the females only two kinds (f) environment. Among the Are known / be dangerous. Many of (g) know to be The deadly looking spiders do not harm us. So there is no justification at all the (h) all for the Superstitious beliefs regarding the spiders.


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