CBSE Class 9 English Modals Worksheet

A. Fill in the blank with ‘Should’ or ‘Would’, ‘May’ or ‘Might’, ’Can’ or ‘Could’ or ‘Ought’.

1. Children _________ obey their teachers.

2. He said that he ______________ not come for the party.

3. We __________ to honour our parents.

4. James __________ swim across the river when he was young.

5. They________ come any moment.

6. I _________ very much like to see my old school again

7. “you ___________try once again”.

8. “I ___________ do it,” said the student.

9.  The student said that he ___________ do it.

10. He ____________ lift that heavy box.

B. Fill in the blank with ‘Shall’ or ‘Will’.

1.___________ I make a cup of coffee for you ?

2._________ you please open the door ?

3.They _________ be talking all the time without doing anything.

4.You________ not harass your friends.

5.You___________ get a prize if you do not make a mistake.

C. Fill in the blank with appropriate modals.

Shopkeeper: (i) ______________________ I help you? Customer: Yes, (ii) ___________ you show me Tee shirts, XX-L please ? Shopkeeper: All right, Sir, I (iii) ________ show you several designs and with different shades. Customer: That (IV) ________ be the one Thomas told me about. (v) _______ you please tell me its price? Shopkeeper; It costs only Rs. 599/- Customer; OK. I (VI) ________ take two of them. The blue one and the white one. Shopkeeper; OK I Sir.

D. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet as given below against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied

1.You could regularly study if you wish to

2.Do well in the exams. It may not be possible To score marks if you do not have

3.Systematic approach. One might study For at least 3-4 hours everyday especially

4. If you’re in a senior class. You will Not spend so many hours if you’re in a Junior class, but students of class IX upward

 5.Has to work more.

 6.This will be done by planning one’s daily routine.


A. (I) may (ii) will (iii) can (iv) might (v) Could (VI) will

B. (i) Shall (ii) will (iii) will (iv) shall (v) Shall

C. (i) should (ii) might (iii) ought to (iv) could (v) May (VI) would (viii) may (ix) can

D.      Incorrect                                                              correct

You could regularly study if you wish to (a) could should Do well in the exams. It may not be possible (b) may     will To score marks if you do not have a Systematic approach. One might study (c) might  should For at least 3-4 hours everyday especially If you’re in a senior class. You will  (d) will need  Not spend so many house if you’re in a  Junior class, but students of class IX upward Has to work more. (e) has   have This will be done by planning one’s daily routine. (f) will can



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