CBSE Class 9 English Tense Worksheet

Direction : ( 1 to 15 ) Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in the bracket.

  1. Have you ever ………………such a beautiful scene? (See)
  2. The moon has not yet …………. .       (Appear)
  3. I ……………….English for ten years. (Teach)  
  4. What ………….your father feel about Resonance? (Do)
  5. All work and no play …………..jack a dull boy. (Make)
  6. He scratched his head and …………… for a moment. (Think)
  7. 7. When I reached the temple, a group of people .......devotional songs. (Recite)
  8. What ……… ……….here from the time I went to college? (Do)
  9. By this time tomorrow, I ………….home. (Reach)
  10. The student ………..answers to all my question. (Give)
  11. ………….the student …………….yesterday? (Study)
  12. After school, we …and ...our parents about our English teacher. (Go, Tell)
  13. The new railway bridge……two weeks ago. (Complete)
  14. They …….the work when the teacher entered the class. (Finish)
  15. I was teaching English when she ……the classroom. (Enter)

B . Choose the correct verb from those given in brackets.

  1. you (bought, had bought)a new scooter last week,
  2. She (has been, is)  ill (since, for)a week.
  3. We (finished, have finished) our lunch half an hour ago.
  4. 4. He jumped off the train while it (ran, was running, had been running) .
  5. The train (has left, will have left) before we reach the station.

C. Correct the following sentences.

  1. He retired to bed before we reached there.
  2. I am having a car.
  3. He left for America next week.
  4. She is reading since morning.
  5. I am going to office every day by bus.

D. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number.

When Ashok enter the cinema hall, the

(a)Film start. It was very dark inside

(b)There is nobody to show him the way.

(c)He count the rows and moved into the

(d)Fifth row since his ticket has C-12

(e)Write on it. As it was dark inside

(f)He moved through the row and sit On a chair. But to his horror there

(g)Was somebody already sat on that chair.




  1. Seen
  2. appeared
  3. have been teaching
  4. does
  5. makes
  6. thought
  7. were reciting teaching
  8. did : do
  9. I shall have reached
  10. gave
  11. did : study
  12. 12.went :told
  13. was completed
  14. had finished
  15. entered


  1. bought
  2. has been, for
  3. finished
  4. was running
  5. will have left


  1. He had retired
  2. I have a car.
  3. He will leave for American next week.
  4. She has been reading since morning.
  5. I go to office every day by bus.

    D.                                                                           Incorrect           Correction

      When Vijay enter the cinema hall, the                      (a) enter         entered       

       Film  start. It was very dark inside.                         (b)  Start         started

       These is nobody to show him the way.                    (c)   Is              was

       He count the rows and moved into the                    (d) count        counted

       Fifth row since his ticket has. C-12                          (e)  has           had

       Write on it. As it was dark inside                             (f)   write        written

       He moved through the row and sit.                          (g)  Sit              sat

       On  a  chair. But to his horror there

       Was somebody already sat on                                  (h) sat            sitting

        That chair.                     



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