CBSE Class 9 English Active And Passive Worksheet

A. Direction (1 to 5) change the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. Does he speak English?
  2. I shall tell you everything about him.
  3. Is Jordan playing Basketball?
  4. Many housewives do not cook food.
  5. The teacher had punished the boys.
  6. His behaviour pleased me.
  7. The students were making noise in the classroom.
  8. This book contains many interesting articles.
  9. The parents look after their children.
  10. Nobody can solve this problem.
  11. India defeated Australia in the 20-20 world cup cricket finals.
  12. Do you studies regularly.
  13. They are reading interesting and educational stories.
  14. Our English sir was delivering a lecture.
  15. We should not break the rules.

B. Given below are some headings, Read them and complete the news the news item.


Indian cricket team’s sterling (a) ……………… by achieving creditable victories in text and one dayers have pleased every cricket lover.


The (b) ………….. of Opportunity on Mars on Saturday night inspired widespread (c) .. …………. Among U.S scientist handing the U.S Mars probe.


President AP j Abdul Kalam underlined the (b) ………….. of peace for social (e)….. ……………. And faster economic (f) …………………… in the country.


The (g) …………….. of three dreaded terrorist by the city police yesterday has led to the (h) …………………….. of a substantial quantity of explosives.



  1. Is English spoken by him ?
  2. Everything about him shall be told to you by me. OR You will be told everything about him by me.
  1. Is basketball being played by Jordan ?
  2. Food is not cooked by many housewives.
  3. The boys had been punished by the teacher.
  4. I was pleased by his behaviour.
  5. Noise was being made in the classroom by the students.
  6. Many interesting articles are contained in this book.
  7. The children are looked after by their parents.
  8. This problem cannot be solved.
  9. Australia was defeated by India in the 20-20 world cup cricket finals.
  10. Studies should be done regularly.
  11. Interesting and educational stories are being read by them.
  12. A lecture was being delivered by our English sir.
  13. The rules should not be broken.


(a) Performance (b) landing (c) celebration (d) need (e) development (f) growth (g) arrest (h) recovery



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