CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Solutions VBQs

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - Solutions VBQs Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams


Chapter-2: Solutions

1. Sunil’s friend is suffering from high blood pressure, Sunil advised him to take less quantity of common salt. As a student of chemistry why he suggested like that. What are the values associated with it?

Ans: Higher quantity of NaCl will increase number of sodium and chloride ions in the body fluid which can increase the osmotic pressure of body fluid, i.e., blood pressure of a person. Knowledge of chemistry and applied his knowledge in daily life situation. Knowledge is useful only when put to practice and also helping mentality of child.

2. Bharath went to his grandfather’s house in winter this year. As usual he went for fishing. His grandmother told him there will be no fishes in the lake. He noticed that it was more difficult to find fishes in winter. The fishes were deep inside the river. Whereas in summer they were on the surface and hence he was able to catch fishes.

a) Why are fishes on the surface in water than in the depth in summer?

b) What value can be derived from this?

Ans: a) According to Henry’s law at low temperature gases are more soluble and hence as more oxygen gets dissolved in water fishes survive better even in depth of the river. In summer as the oxygen is less in water the fishes come to the surface.

       b) The value that I derive from this is wisdom is superior to knowledge

3. Ramu brought some flowers for the annual function but he observed it wilted. Raju suggested that wilted flowers revive when placed in fresh water. Why would he suggest to do like that. What value associated with it?

Ans: Due to lack of water, flowers become wilted. When we apply fresh water , water will move into them through osmosis. Apply Knowledge in daily life situation. Problem solving ability .

4. Scuba divers when come towards the surface, the pressure gradually decreases resulting in the release of dissolved gases leading to formation of bubbles of nitrogen gas in the blood which blocks the capillaries and thus harmful effects are created. Toavoid bends and toxic effects of high concentration of nitrogen gas, the air is diluted with helium.

After reading the above passage, answer the following questions.

(i) Which law is associated with this?

(ii) Why is the condition of bends overcome by the use of Helium

(iii) Mention the value associated with providing divers air diluted with helium.

Ans: (i) Henry’s Law

(ii) Solubility inversely proportional to KH.

(iii )Critical thinking and self awareness



(a) Name the process observed when pressure on solution side is more than osmotic pressure.

(b) Write main use of this process.

(c) Mention the values associated with the above process

Ans: (a) Reverse osmosis

(b) desalination of seawater

(c) Critical thinking and self awareness.

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