CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - Electrochemistry VBQs

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - Electrochemistry VBQs Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams



1. Kailash goes to the market to purchase battery for his car. Two types of batteries are shown to him, one with cadmium plates which is relatively more costlier while the other one with lead plates which is cheaper. The shopkeeper advises him to go for cadmium plate battery instead of lead plate battery.

Answer the following questions:

(i) As a chemistry student, do you agree with shopkeeper’s advise?

(ii) Give two reasons to support his advise.

(iii) What are the values associated with his advise?

Ans (i) Yes, shopkeeper is right to advise him to purchase cadmium plate battery.

(ii) It is wise to choose sustained long-term benefit than short-term gain with regards to health/money. Lead produces harmful effects on human beings and environment.

(iii) Knowledge is useful only when put into practice. Knowledge of harmful effects of lead make us aware of less usage of lead batteries and also unleaded petrol to keep ourselves and our environment healthy.

2. During the construction of some public building, the contractor intends to fix iron frames for windows and railings to reduce the cost of construction. After due considerations, it is finally recommended to use aluminium frames for windows and steel railings instead of iron.

Answer the following questions:

(i) As a chemist, do you agree with the new recommendations.

(ii) Give two reasons for your choice.

(iii)What values are associated with the decision?

Ans(i) Yes, the new recommendations are more appropriate in the light of long-term benefit.

(ii) Iron grills and railings are more prone to corrosion which causes damage to the construction gradually. Aluminium and steel are relatively safer in this respect.

(iii) Knowledge of corrosion/rusting of iron and its prevention makes us aware of its proper application in construction work so as to avoid damage and accidents.

3. In earlier days food items and products like cooking oil, sugar and biscuits were packed in tin containers. These containers were then used by housewives for storing grains and other kitchen items. Now exports /imports in tin containers are strictly prohibited; in spite of this we still seem to permit the tin containers for soft drinks.

a) What do you think is the reason for the prohibition?

b) Should we continue to use soft drink cans?

c) What values do we lack based on this information? 

Ans: (a) Tin is a metal that can easily corrode when exposed to atmosphere. This can spoil the food item stored in it.

(b) No, because soft drinks are highly acidic and std reduction potential of tin is lesser than hydrogen and hence it can react with acidic component of the drink.

(c) Lack of awareness about harmful effects of harmful metals on our health, getting highly influenced by advertisements.

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