CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - Alchohols, Phenols and Ethers VBQs

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - Alchohols, Phenols and Ethers VBQs  Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams 



1. Miss. Kamala was asked to synthesise alcohol by acidic hydration of 1-butane. She was unaware of the fact that the vessel she used had some coating of metal, and in addition to alcohol (bp.373 k), compound X (b.p.353K) was also isolated. X forms bisulphite compound as well as 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazone. Separation of alcohol could be made by physical as well as chemical methods.

(i) How is alcohol acid X formed?

(ii) Can alcohol acid X give iodoform test?

(iii) Give the different methods of separation. 

Answers) (i)


(ii) Alcohol and X both give iodoform test.

(iii) Alcohol and can be separated by

(i) distillation

(ii) bisulphite formation only (X) forms bisulphite complex (solid) which can be decomposed.

2. Ethanol, commonly called as alcohol is an excellent solvent and is used in medicines and synthesis of many chemical compounds. However in spite of its benefits to man its impact on social behavior has always been questioned. Media have often shown abnormal behavior of people while drunk. It is considered as a curse in the lives of those who are addicted to alcohol called alcoholic people because it not only affects their own lives but they are also a threat to the lives of others. Anger and rude behavior are some of its ill effects.

A) Comment on the statements ‘should production of alcohol be banned’. Give three valid reasons to justify

B) As a student of chemistry what initiative would you take in the common concern of ‘save life, do not drink ‘. give suggestion

Ans)(A) though ethanol is one of the most important industrial chemicals, it has many harmful effects of the use of ethanol are

1) It causes death of many people

2) Many adolescents get affected out of it and become addict to alcohol.

3) It is being misused even where it is of important use, such as in painting shops, industries etc. Keeping in view its ill effects, its production should be banned

Ethanol is the only alcohol used for drinking purpose in spite of its many harmful effects. But in addiction to drinking purposes which causes many harmful effects, it has many important uses:

1) It is used as solvent for resins, fats, oils, fatty acids and hydrocarbon.

2) It is used in so many ways for medicines, lacquers, varnishes, perfumes etc.

3) It is used as disinfectant.

So it should not be banned but its production and supply should be regulated.

(B) – As a student of chemistry and keeping in view the ill effects and importance of ethanol, the following initiatives should be taken to “save life, do not drink “

 1) Slogan writing

 2) Skits or dramas showing ill effects of alcohol

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