Class 8 Science Light Exam Notes

Class 8 Science Light Exam Notes. Please refer to the examination notes which you can use for preparing and revising for exams. These notes will help you to revise the concepts quickly and get good marks.

Covers the following topics:

1.Sources of light

2.Medium of light

3.Reflection of light

4.Laws of reflection & nature of image

5.Regular & diffused reflection

6.Characteristics of the image formed by plane mirror

7.Multiple reflection

8.Reflection from spherical mirror

9.Rule of Image formation by spherical mirror

10.Refraction of light

11.Spherical lens

12.Rules of Image formation by spherical lens

13.Total internal reflection

14.Dispersion of white light by a glass prism

15.Human eye

16.Defects of vision, symptoms and remedy (correction)

17.Refraction in nature

18.Scattering of light


1.Light is a form of energy, (optical energy) which helps us in seeing objects by its presence.

2.Light is an electromagnetic wave & travels in a straight line with the speed 3 × 108 m/s in vacuum & changes when it travels from one medium to another.

3.The wavelength (λ) of light changes when it goes from one medium to another.

4.The frequency (f) of the light wave remains the same in all media.

5.Light gets reflected back from polished surfaces, such as mirrors, polished metal surfaces, etc.

6.Light undergoes refraction (bending) when it travels from one transparent medium to another.

Source Of Light

The objects which emit (give) light are called luminous objects. It may be natural or man-made. Sun is a natural source of light and electric lamp, and oil lamp, etc. are man-made source of light.          

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