CBSE Class 7 Geography Revision Worksheet Set I

CBSE Class 7 Geography - Revision (7)

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SESSION-2014 -15



ROLL NO.____

1)Name the following:-

a)The first mughal emperor________.

b)The regent of Akbar_________ .

c)The name of book written by Abul Fazl________.

d)The main source of income for the Mughal empire___________.

e)Akbar’s revenue minister_________.

f)The battle field where Ibraham lodhi was defeated by Babur_________.

g)The Mughal rulers attended to formal affairs of the state in the__________.

h)Two cities built by the Delhi sultans__________.

i)The first Turkish ruler___________.

j)Another name for Vidhan Parishad is____________.

k)The full form of MLA’s is____________.

l)A union territory which has its own Vidhan Sabha is___________.

m)The organ of government involved in making laws_____________.

2.Fill ups:-

a)Aurangzeb insulted_____________.

b)Prince Salim was better known as__________.

c)__________exercise great influence in Jahangir’s court.

d)Akbar became the Mughal emperor at the age of_____________.

e)The Mughals were related to __________on their mother’s side and their father’s side they were successors of____________.

f)________and______ followed Akbar’s policy of governance.

g) Babur captured ____________in the year 1504

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