CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Set C

Sub: Social Science

Date: Class: VIII
1. Who set up the Asiatic society of Bengal ? 
a. James Mill b. James Jones c. William Jones d. William Mill
2. Our Constitution guarantees the Right to Education for all children between the age of………. 
a. 6-14 years b.6-12years c. 6-10years d.5-12years
3. The Adivasi language which has the largest number of speakers is ……….. . 1a. Khasi b. Manipuri c. Santhali d. Gondi
4. The percentage of Muslim children attending Madarsas is …… 
a. 4 b. 66 c. 30 d. 100
5. Name the legislation enacted following the Macaulay‟s minute. 
6. Mention the person who expressed his /her views as “ English education has enslaved us”. 
7. How are adivasis stereotyped ? 
8. Why are Muslims considered to be a marginalized community in India? 
9. Write a short note on Sulabh. 3
10. Mention any three points of difference between Primary Activity and Secondary activity. 
11. Give any three factors needed for the cultivation of Jute. 
12. „Rabindranath Tagore established an institution in 1901.‟Explain his views for an ideal institution.

13. Elaborate the efforts made to increase farm production for the growing population in India. 
14. „Farming is practiced in various ways across the world.‟ Explain. 
15. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
In the 1830s , William Adam, a Scottish missionary toured the districts of Bengal and Bihar. He had been asked by the Company to report on the progress of education in vernacular schools. The report Adam produced
is interesting. Adam found that there were over 1 lakh pathshalas in Bengal and Bihar. These were small institutions with No more than 20 students each. But the total number of children being taught in these pathshalas was considerable -Over 20 lakh. These institutions were set up by wealthy people, or the local community . At times they were started by a teacher(guru). The system of education was flexible. There were no fixed fee, no printed books , no separate school building , No benches or chairs , no blackboards , no system of separate classes , no roll-call registers , no annual examinations and no regular time-table.
a. When and where did William Adam toured ? 
b. Mention any three findings of William Adam about Pathshalas. 
16. On the Physical map of the world locate the following places of temperate grasslands:
a. Pampas            b. Velds             c. Steppes

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