CBSE Class 9 Science Synthetic Fibre and Plastics MCQs Set A

Synthetic Fibre and Plastics 


1. Polyester is made of repeating units of chemical called as -(A) Ester
(B) Cotton
(C) Ether
(D) None of these


2. Petroleum is the main source of -
(A) Silk
(B) Plastic
(C) Cotton
(D) None of these 


3. Photochromic glass contains - 
(A) Silver bormide
(B) Silver iodide
(C) Silver chloride
(D) All the above 


4. Which of the following is used in endoscopy-
(A) Optical fibres
(B) Glass fibres
(C) Glass wool
(D) None of these
5. Purple-blue coloured glass is obtained by the addition of -
(A) Chromium salts
(B) Ferrous oxide
(C) Cobalt salts
(D) None of the above 


6. Terra Cotta is -
(A) Kaolin
(B) Clay
(C) Unglazed primitive pottey
(D) Porcelain   


7. Which of the following is a natural polymer-
(A) Cellulose (B) Nylon (C) Polythene (D) PVC
8. Which of the following have long-chains of protein -
(A) Jute (B) Cotton
(C) Silk and wool (D) All the above
9. Thermocole is made from -
(A) Polythene (B) Polystyrene
(C) Perspex (D) Teflon
10. Which of the following is thermoplastic -
(A) Polythene (B) Bakelite
(C) Both the above (D) None of the above
11. Contacts lenses are made from -
(A) Polyvinyl chloride (B) Polystyrene
(C) Lucite (D) Teflon
12. Which of the following are thermosets-
(A) Formica and Melamine (B) Polystyrene
(C) Polythene (D) Thermocole

13. Which of the following is similar to cotton ?
(A) Nylon (B) Dacron
(C) Rayon (D) Terylene
14. Which of the following do not soften upon heating -
(A) Lucite (B) Bakelite
(C) Polystyrene (D) Polythene
15. Which of the following does not produce insoluble carbonates in hard water-
(A) Soap (B) Detergents
(C) Both the above (D) None of these
16. Which of the following is alkaline in nature -
(A) Soap (B) Detergents
(C) Both the above (D) None of these
17. The correct formula of washing soda is -
(A) Na2CO3 (B) Na2CO3.H2O
(C) Na2CO3.9H2O (D) Na2CO3.10H2O
18. If tartaric acid is not added in baking powder, the cake will taste bitter due to the presence of -
(A) Sodium hydrogen carbonate (B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Sodium carbonate (D) All of these
19. Soda-acid fire extinguisher extinguishes the fire -
(A) By cutting the supply of air
(B) by removing the combustible substance
(C) By raising the ignition temperatue
(D) None of these
20. The simplest formula of bleaching powder is -
(A) Ca(OCl2) (B) CaOCl2
(C) CaOCl2.H2O (D) Ca(OCl2).2H2O
Answer Key
1 A
2 B
3 D
4 A
5 C
6 C
7 C
8 C
9 B
10 A
11 C
12 A
13 C
14 B
15 B
16 B
17 D
18 C
19 A
20 B



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