CBSE Class 11 Biology MCQs - Sets 13

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Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. In animals the product of anaerobic respiration is:

1. Butyric acid  2. Alcohol  3. Glucose  4. Lactic acid

Correct Ans. (4)

2. The process of Glycolysis takes place in:

1. Mitochondria  2. Cytoplasm 3. Stroma 4. Granum

Correct Ans. (2)

3. In electron transport chain, one pair of electrons passing from NADreduced to oxygen produces

1. 4 ATP  2. 3 ATP  3. 2 ATP  4. 1 ATP

Correct Ans. (2)

4. From which of the following plants gain weight?

1. Respiration  2. Transpiration  3. Photosynthesis 4. Fermentation

Correct Ans. (3)

5. Cambium is responsible for increase in:

1. Length  2. Photosynthesis 3. Diameter 4. Transpiration

Correct Ans. (3)

6. In which of the following cells elongate parallel to the long axis of the stem or root?

1. Pith  2. Trachieds  3. Cortex 4. Parenchyma

Correct Ans. (2)

7. Spiral thickenings of the walls of cells occur in:

1. Parenchyma  2. Chlorenchyma  3. Xylem vessels 4. Cortex

Correct Ans. (3)

8. The molecule which actually enters the Krebs cycle is:

1. Pyruvic acid  2. Acetyl-CoA  3. Oxao acetic acid 4. Fumaric acid

Correct Ans. (2)

9. In the Krebs cycle oxaloacetic acid reacts with:

1. Pyruvic acid  2. Citric acid  3. Acetyl-CoA  4. Succinic acid

Correct Ans. (3)

10. One ATP molecule is generated during the Krebs cycle in the step:

1. citric acid ———– Alpha Ketoglutatic acid  2. Alpha Ketoglutatic acid ——- Succinic acid

3. Succinic acid —————- Fumaric acid  4. Fumaric acid———– Malic acid

Correct Ans. (2)

11. It involves the liberation of Oxygen and absorbtion of CO2

1. Aerobic respiration 2. Anaerobic respiration

3. Photosynthesis  4. Both A & B

Correct Ans. (3)

12. At the end of the electron transport chain during respiration, electrons are accepted by:

1. NAD  2. FAD  3. Oxygen  4. Hydrogen

Correct Ans. (3)

13. During growth fibers elongate greatly:

1. At right angle to the long axis  2. Parallel to the long axis

3. Obliquely to the long axis 4. In all directions

Correct Ans. (2)

14. Which of these is the naturally occurring auxins?

1. Indole acetic acid 2. 2, 4-D 3. Abscisic acid 4. Butyric acid

Correct Ans. (1)

15. The application of Auxin in small amount:

1. Stimulate the growth of leaves  2. Retard the growth of leaves

3. Suppress the growth of leaves  4. Does not affect the growth of laves

Correct Ans. (4)

16. Which of these increases the growth rate of isolated cells in a test tube?

1. Auxins  2. Cytokinins 3. Gibberellins 4. None of these

Correct Ans. (2)

17. Chrysanthemum indicum is a:

1. Short day plant 2. Long day plant 3. Day neutral plant 4. Both A & B

 Correct Ans. (1)

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