CBSE Class 11 Biology MCQs - Set 7

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Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. They retain zygote after fertilization in the female reproductive organ which develops into an embryo:

1. Algae  2. Fungi  3. Cyanobacteria 4. Bryophytes

Correct Ans. (4)

2. It is much more uniform habitat and better supplied with nutrients:

1. Land 2. Air 3. Water 4. Ice

Correct Ans. (3)

3. The reproductive organs of moss plants are located on the:

1. Side of stem 2. Base of stem  3. Tip of stem 4. Axil of leaves

Correct Ans. (3)

4. The dominant generation in Bryophytes is:

1. Sporophyte  2. Gametophyte  3. Saprophyte 4. Tracheophyte

Correct Ans. (2)

5. Antheridium produces:

1. Eggs  2. Sperms 3. Spores 4. Zygotes

Correct Ans. (2)

6. The sex organs of moss plant are:

1. Unicellular 2. Bicellular 3. Tricellular 4. Multicellular

Correct Ans. (4)

7. The large nonmotile egg formed in heterogamy is full of:

1. stored food 2. water 3. air  4. waste matter

Correct Ans. (1)

8. Embryos are present in all:

1. Bryophytes 2. Vascular plants 3. Algae 4. Both A & B

Correct Ans. (4)

9. The zygote in moss plant divides and produces:

1. Sperms  2. Eggs 3. Embryo  4. Spores

Correct Ans. (3)

10. In moss plant, spore on germination develops into:

1. Sporophyte  2. Gametophyte 3. Liverworts 4. Pteredophytes

Correct Ans. (2)

11. In Moss plant:

1. Gametophyte is dependent on Sporophyte 2. Sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte

3. Both are independent from each other 4. Both are dependent on each other for food

Correct Ans. (2)

12. Alternation of generation:

1. Increases the chances of survival 2. Decreases the chances of survival

3. Does not affect survival 4. None of these

Correct Ans. (1)

13. Meiosis (reduction division) in moss plant occurs:

1. Before gametes formation  2. Before spore formation 3. After spore formation 4. After gametes formation

Correct Ans. (2)

14. Which of the following have unicellular reproductive organs?

1. mosses  2. algae  3. liverworts  4. Pteredophytes

Correct Ans. (2)

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