CBSE Class 11 Biology MCQs - Set 9

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Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. Which of the following belongs to Gymnosperm group:

1. Cedrus 2. Wheat 3. Sugar cane 4. Tobacco

Correct Ans. (1)

2. The leaves produced by the Pinus plant are:

1. One type 2. Two types  3. Three types  4. Four types

Correct Ans. (2)

3. Pinus produces:

1. Cones  2. Fruits  3. Flowers  4. None of these

Correct Ans. (1)

4. The numb of microsporangia in each sporophyll of male cone of Pinus is:

1. One  2. Two  3. Three  4. Four

Correct Ans. (2)

5. Megaspore divides by mitosis and forms:

1. Male gametophyte  2. Male Sporophyte  3. Female gametophyte  4. Female Sporophyte

Correct Ans. (3)

6. The seed of Pinus germinates and forms new:

1. Sporophyte 2. Micro gametophyte 3. Thallophyte  4. Mega gametophyte

Correct Ans. (1)

7. The endosperm in Angiosperm is:

1. Monoploid  2. Triploid  3. Diploid  4. Teraploid

Correct Ans. (2)

8. The Endosperm in Gymnosperms is:

1. Triploid 2. Diploid  3. Monoploid  4. Tetraploid

Correct Ans. (3)

9. Antheridia are produced by:

1. Pine  2. Pea  3. Mustard  4. None of these

Correct Ans. (4)

10. They lack secondary growth:

1. Gymnosperms 2. Angiosperms 3. Pteredophytes 4. Both A & B

Correct Ans. (3)

11. Which of the following produce flowers?

1. Bryophytes 2. Pterdophytes 3. Gymnosperms 4. Angiosperms

Correct Ans. (4)

12. When calyx and corolla are not distinguishable, they are collectively called:

1. Panicle 2. Pedicel 3. Protoplast 4. Perianth

Correct Ans. (4)

13. It is a racemose inflorescence in which the main axis is elongated and the flowers are sessile:

1. Corymb 2. Umbel 3. Capitulum 4. Spike

Correct Ans. (4)

14. In Cassia fistula the inflorescence is:

1. Typical raceme 2. Typical cyme 3. Umbel  4. Catkin

Correct Ans. (1)

15. A branched raceme is called:

1. Panicle  2. Capitulum  3. Umbel  4. Corymb

Correct Ans. (1)

16. In which of the following, flowers are sessile and crowded together on a short axis?

1. Umbel 2. Corymb 3. Panicle m4. Capitulum

Correct Ans. (4)

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