CBSE Class 12 English HOTs The Tiger King

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The Tiger King

1. What do you understand by “threat of a Stuka bomber”?
2. What was the secret the astrologers had to reveal? How did they behave when compelled to speak the truth?
3. When did everyone stand transfixed in stupefaction’?
4. What incredible matter took place in the court? Why has this been compared to bulletins issued by the war office?
5. How was the tiger king brought up? Does the author suggest anything through this?
6. What justification did the tiger king give before he started out on tiger hunt?
7. Why did the astrologer say that he would cut off his hair?
8. Why does he mention of becoming an insurance agent in particular?
9. Did the maharaja relent to the demands of the English officer? What did he do?
10. Why did tiger population become extinct in his kingdom?
11. Why did the king decide to get married? How far was the marriage successful?
12. What was the important factor that was considered for his marriage?
13. Once the maharaja decided to exempt a village from paying taxes, which he changed later on, and levied double tax on the village. What does this speak about the king?
14. “I have killed the hundredth tiger. My vow have been fulfilled”-was the Tiger King’s vow really fulfilled? What happened on that day?
15. Why was the Maharaja not in a position to gift a real tiger to his son?
16. How did the craftsman fool the king?
17. How did the death of the Tiger King take place?
18. Why does the author say the hundredth tiger took its final revenge?
Long Questions
1. The story` Tiger King` reflects `the whims and fancies of people in power’ Elucidate.
2. Tiger king shows the general behaviour of people towards animals. People like the tiger king are responsible for making some of creatures’ endangered species. Express your views
3. A person like the Tiger King does not believe that in this universe there is equal place for all living creatures. It is a world created by the rich and the powerful to live the way they want. The author brings out this simple truth through this
political satire “Tiger King” Elucidate.

In the following videos we have explained you about the story of The Tiger King. In this nice video you will be able to understand the full story of Tiger King in just few minutes. Watch the video below –

More Important Questions For CBSE Class 12 English HOTs The Tiger King........ 

1. How did the Maharaja please a high-ranking British official?
Ans. A high ranking British officer visited Pratibandapuram and sought permission to hunt tiger from King. Even though the king declined his request, he did not want to displease the officer. So in order to please the high-ranking British officer, he sent fifty diamond rings to his wife which cost the Maharaja three lakh rupees.
2. Narrate the ultimate end of the Tiger King in the story ‘The Tiger King’.
Ans. The occasion was the Tiger King’s son’s third birthday, he had not been paying much attention to the crown prince because of his obsession of killing hundred tigers. Since, it was his son’s
3. Who killed the 100th tiger? Why?
Ans. The hundredth tiger was killed by one of the hunters accompanying the Tiger King. The Maharaja missed his mark, but loud bang of the gun shot made the old and weak tiger faint. If the king had found out about this, the hunters would have lost their job.
4. Giving a bribe is an evil practice. How did the Tiger King bribe the British officer to save his kingdom? How do you view this act of his?
Ans. The Tiger King dispatched a telegram to a famous British company of jewellers in Calcutta to send samples of expensive diamond rings of different designs. Some fifty rings arrived and the king sent all of it to the British officer’s wife. The king and his minister expected that the duraisani would choose one or two rings and send the rest back. However, it turned out that the duraisani kept the entire lot and replied with a thank you note for the gifts. In two days, a bill of three lakh rupees was sent by the British jewellers, to the Maharaja which he was happy to pay. This is how the Maharaja had managed to retain his kingdom.
This act of the king sheds light on the deplorable practice of bribery that perpetuates the vicious cycle of corruption, especially considering the fact that the king had personal interests to protect rather than the welfare of his kingdom.
5. How did the Tiger King acquire his name?
Ans. The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram, the Tiger King had killed ninety-nine tigers to prove the chief astrologer’s prediction wrong. He was so obsessed with killing hundred tigers that he even married the princess whose state was rich in tigers.
It was this fixation of his, with killing tigers, which got him the name.
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