CBSE Class 12 English HOTs Advanced Writing Skills

Download HOTS questions and answers for Class 12 English. Read CBSE Class 12 English HOTs Advanced Writing Skills below and download in pdf. High Order Thinking Skills questions come in exams for English in Standard 12 and if prepared properly can help you to score more marks. You can refer to more chapter wise Class 12 English HOTS Questions with solutions and also get latest topic wise important study material as per NCERT book for Class 12 English and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and pattern for Grade 12


NOTICE WRITING-word limit- 50 words

1. The Counseling Cell of your school is organizing an orientation programme for the parents of class XII in the school auditorium. Frame a notice giving information about the same to the parents.
2. You are Arun Sen, the secretary of the Red Cross Committee of your school. The Red Cross Society of India is organizing a blood donation camp in your school. Draft a notice for display on the school notice board, requesting the members of the staff as well as the students of XI and XII to come forward and donate blood generously.
3. You are the Secretary of your School Literary Association. Write a notice for your school notice board, giving details of the inauguration of the literary week. You are ABC of Queen Victoria Senior Secondary School, Nagpur.
4. You are Asha/Asmit, Head boy/Head Girl of your school (Rainbow Public School. Write a notice for your school notice board calling for entries from students who desire to take part in Britannia Quiz Contest- preliminary round to be held at your school. Invent other necessary details.
5. As Chief Librarian of Delhi Public Library, put up a notice informing members about the change in winter timings effective from 1st Oct.2008 to 1st April 2009 .The timings have been changed from 7.00 a.m.-9.00 a.m.(morning) and 6.00 p.m.- 8.00 p.m. (evening) to 8.00 a.m.-10.00 a.m.(morning) and 5.00 p.m. - 7.00p.m.(evening).
Advertisements word limit –50 words
1. You are manager of Sunrise Production house Patparganj Institutional area, Patparganj. You urgently require two computer operators for your office. Write an advertisement for the situation vacant column of a local newspaper.
2. You are Mr. Raj Kishore Tyagi of 247/C, Rajendra Park, Delhi-92. Your pet dog, Scooby is missing. Write an advertisement for the “Missing pet Animals” column of a newspaper.
3. Your brother has opened a new showroom for Refrigerators named ‘Chilz’.Draft an advertisement for a local daily to promote the sale of the Refrigerator offer for ‘6 Kulfi Moulds FREE’ along with the refrigerator to those who buy before Aug ’08. 
4. You have recently started a Yoga Centre for school children. Draft an advertisement to be published in a local daily about it giving all the relevant details.
5. You are launching a Fairness Lotion in the market showing promising results in a fortnight. Draft a convincing advertisement with in 50 words promoting its sale.
1. You are an active member of United Nations Volunteers Association [UNVA]. Design an attractive poster asking the educated youth to volunteer to teach the under privileged children for two hours under the project `Teach India’
2. During the rainy season, there is an increase in health causalities like gastroenteritis, dysentery etc. Prepare a poster to be issued by the health department suggesting ways on how you can prevent these diseases.
3. Repeated earthquakes in India and elsewhere have resulted in an unprecedented damage and destruction to both life and property. Educating people on ‘Disaster Management’ is the need of the hour. Prepare a poster for creating this awareness.
4. Design a poster on behalf of Delhi police to fight terrorism in the wake of recent bomb explosions.
5. Design a poster to increase awareness among youth about blindness and the ‘Importance of donating eyes’.
1. Your friend has invited you to spend a part of your summer vacation with her in her native village but you are unable to do so due to a valid reason. Write a reply in 50 words.
2. Aditi has secured admission in IITF - a career she dreamt of. She wants to celebrate this momentous occasion with her friends. Write an informal invitation giving details of venue, time and date.
3. You are Apoorva, the president of the ECO Club of your school. Draft a formal invitation to be sent to the parents inviting them to participate in the plantation drive on “Earth Day”.
4. You are hosting a party to felicitate the victorious ‘Rajasthan Royal Cricket Team’ in the IPL match. Draft the invitation in 50 words.
5. You are Akshay / Abhinaya. You have been invited to participate in a seminar on ‘Effective Time Management’ organized by the Lions Club of India of your district. Respond to the invitation by writing a letter to the Secretary of the Club.
1. Your school organized a workshop under NAEP to create awareness among adolescents of the growing abuse of drugs. Write a report in not more than 125 words for publication in the Times of India (NIE).
2. You are Raghav / Raghavi of Bal Bharti School. A team of Educationist from Pakistan visited your school as a part of a cultural exchange programme. Students of your school put up a cultural show in their honour. Write a report on the show for your school magazine.
3. The chief Minister of Delhi Ms. Sheila Dixit called a press conference to update on the development that is taking place in Delhi for 2010 common wealth games.As a reporter write a report in 125 words.
4. You with your parents participated in a Career Counseling programme organized by ‘Career India’ at Pragati Maidan. You listened to professionals from various fields like Food Technology, Fashion Technology, and Media Management etc. Write a report in about 125 words for publication in school magazine.


5. Your school organized a Mini Sports festival for the special children of Amar Jyoti School, Karkardooma to sensitize all towards the physically challenged. They were given prizes for their performances and participation. As a Head boy of the school write a report in 125 words to be published in Hindustan Times (NIE).
1. Your school has recently built a new state of the art Auditorium. All the cultural programmes of your school will now be held in this Auditorium. Your Principal has asked you to write a factual description of the new auditorium called ‘Chetwood Memorial Hall’.
2. The International Book Fair was inaugurated by the Chairman of Children Book Trust (CBT), Dr. Kumar. The theme this year was ‘Illustrated work of children.’ You are Akshay/ Aakansha a class 12th student of GD Goenka public school. You visited the exhibition & were impressed by the range of books on display. Write a factual description of it in125 words. 
3. Travelling in a train gives a bitter as well as sweet experience as one can see so many activities going on there in a great haste. Write in 125 words the factual description of the insideof the railway carriage you were travelling in.
4. Write a factual description of the room you are presently sitting in. Do not use more than 125 words.
5. You are Umesh / Uma of Ahlon International school Delhi. You along with your parents visited the hill station, Manali. You were overwhelmed by the scenic beauty of the place. Attempt a factual description of this place of interest.
6. Your friend Amit has joined a Graduation course at DU as a Day Scholar. He wants a bus pass to be made. Write for him the process of getting a bus pass made.
Letter to the Editor
1. You are the Secretary, RWA, Masjid Moth, Delhi. The incessant rains of the region have caused flood in the area. You have written to the concerned authorities for help but all in- vain. Write a letter to the Editor of a local daily highlighting the problems faced by the residents.
2. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper drawing the attention of the concerned authorities towards the number of schools that fail to provide proper playgrounds and classroom facilities.
Letter placing an order
1. You are Amita Paul, Computer In charge of Delhi public school. Your school plans to buy 20 computers and computer accessories from DELL COMPUTERS, 124 Nehru place, New Delhi. Draft a letter placing order giving all the specifications of product and its quality mentioning its terms and conditions.
2. You are Rakesh Modi, Librarian of Hinduja Public School. You want to place order for four English fictions, with M/S Dixit Publications, F-152, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001.
Letter for Cancellation of order
1. You are Anuradha / Sandeep staying at B-12, Arjun Nagar New Delhi. Last month, you brought a digital camera from the ‘Electronics World’, Bangalore, against a warranty of 2 years. Now you discover that there is something wrong with this camera. It doesn’t work for more than 30-40 seconds at a stretch and the pictures are not very clear. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about this problem.
2. You are Sadhana /Sanjay, librarian of St. Joseph’s School; Jabalpur. You had placed an order for a few books for your School library. When the books were delivered, you found that some were damaged and some were missing. Write a letter to the Sales Manager of Bharat Publishing House, Rohini, Delhi cancelling the order because of the poor service.
Letter of Inquiry
1. Annamalai University, Chennai offers different courses of studies through correspondence. Write to the Director,Institute of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education, Annamalai University inquiring after the details of a course you would like to take and requesting him to send you the prospectus
2. You are Rajni/Rajan living in Ahemdabad. You and your friends are planning a weeklong holiday. You came across an advertisement in the newspaper regarding an attractive holiday package to Malaysia and Singapore. Write a letter making necessary inquiry from the Tour operator before you make your final decision.
Job Applications
1. You are Sunil /Sunita, staying at 35-B, Nehru Nagar, Hyderabad. You have seen an advertisement in ‘The Hindu’ for recruitment of Management Trainees in ICICI Bank, Apply for the same, giving your detailed bio-data (Curriculum Vitae).
2. A well – reputed College has advertised for the post of two well-experienced, highly qualified Physics Lecturers on permanent basis. You are Suhas / Sneha of 52-Wellingdon Road, Mumbai. Write a job application for this post with complete biodata. Invent other details.
ARTICLES-150-200 words
1. You are Kamakshi / Kuber. You have been selected to represent your school in an All India School Debate organized by the Lions Club, New Delhi .The topic for the debate is “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth will make the whole world go blind.’ Write an article in not more than 200 words for or against the motion giving arguments for your stand.
2. Your school is celebrating ‘Anti - Corruption Day’. Write a speech in 200 words on the topic ‘Minimization of Human Wants is the only way to cleanse society of all kinds of corruption..’ You are Avni / Anuj of class XII. 
3. You witness children working in shops, small factories and restaurants. You discuss this problem with your elder sister. She informs you about the unhealthy 
and awful conditions of factories making safety matches, bangles and crackers where child labour is usually employed. You feel agitated; you decide to write an article for publication in a national daily advocating ban on child labour. (Wordlimit 200 words).
4. The value education Club of your school organized a visit to a ‘Home for the aged ’in your city, where you interacted with the inmates and got an insight into their feelings. You were pained to hear about their loneliness, and their craving for the company of their near and dear ones. In order to reach out to society you decide to write an article in 200 words, ‘Caring for the Old during Sunset Years.’
5. Owning a car has become a status symbol these days. However increase in the number of cars has added to the environmental pollution is creating many health related problems. Write an article in not more than 200 words, highlighting the urgent need for reducing this man made problem, by observing a ‘No car day’, by using public utility services etc. Give suitable and creative suggestions.
6. You are ABC of class XII. Recently you spent a week in a rural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Describe ‘The joy of living in the lap of nature’. Write an article in 200 words for your school magazine.
7. You are Malik / Manju. You are concerned about the craze for westernization among the youth of today. There has been a depletion of our values and culture. Write an article on the need to preserve our age-old culture (word limit 200 words).
8. Pizzas and burgers have joyfully robbed the traditional rotis and other wholesome  kitems from the Indian plate. Little does the younger generation realize the potential health hazards they are inviting. As a health conscious individual, invite the attention of these children to ‘Eat healthy in order to stay healthy.’ Write the article in 200 words.
9. You are Praveen Chopra, Secretary of the Health Club of your school. You are pained to see a television programme showing how oil spills and pollutants in the sea has largely affected marine life. In order to highlight the hazards of environmental pollution you decide to write an article for a local daily. (Word limits 200 words). 
10. The Beggar Menace at important tourist spots is on the increase. Write an article in 200 words for a newspaper suggesting suitable measures to cure this problem.
11. Though we are celebrating International Women’s Day every year to pay respect to the women, the newspapers reveal several atrocities committed against women. You strongly feel the need for women empowerment. Write an article on the topic women empowerment` without exceeding word limit [200 words]
12. The news items of children being under trauma after taking part in reality shows were a revelation to you. Bring out the harmful effects of the glamour and glitter of these reality shows as it is robbing the children off their childhood. Write an article on reality shows highlighting the harmful effects need for awareness among public - not to be waylaid by the instant success and the glamour promised.[word limit-200 words]
Writing skills (Section B) Hints
1. Notice (Question 1 to 4)
Format -2 Marks
[Name of organization,Title,Date,Name,Designation]
Content-3 Marks
(The wh questions give the skeleton form of the answer)
What is being organized?
Who is organizing?
Which is the target group?
When is it being held?
Where is it being held?
Additional information
Whom to contact
2. Advertisement
a. Classified Advt.:

Brief & concise, dealing with just what is required, short words and phrases used, written in a box
Ques.1 Situation vacant

Begin with wanted/required, name of company,post and no. of vacancies,age and sex of candidate, qualification and experience,other details (optional), mode of applying, contact Address & ph. no.
Ques.2 Missing pet : Name,breed,age, colour of skin, identifying features,missing since when/from where,reward,address & ph no.
b. Commercial Advt./Display Advt.: (More elaborate & decorative with pictures/ cartoons /Match stick drawing.
Decorative & varied font size used, catchy slogans used, special offers or discounts to be mentioned, Address & to be written. Highlight the main topic & centralize it in the page.
3. Poster Writing
Posters. centralize the main topic,Matchstick drawing/ Cartoons permitted
Font size of letter differ from idea to idea
Catchy Slogans used
Mention Issuing Authority (Issued by)
4. Invitation & Replies
(1) Invitation & Replies can be informal & formal Replies can be either formal or informal acceptance / or formal or informal refusal
(2) Formal Invitation & Replies are written in third person
(3) Formal Invitation is always given a formal reply and an informal invitation an informal reply.
(4) Formal invitation should carry address and phone no and RSVP should be written at the end.
(5) Informal invitation is acknowledged in the first or second person.
(6) Formal acceptance & Refusal should express thanks to the one who has invited and refusal should have reason for refusal written.
(7) Informal invitation and replies are written in the same pattern of an informal letter but remember to thank the one who has invited & give reason for refusal.
5. Report writing

Format - (Title, date, place, name of reporter / agency)
The tense used is Past tense as report is of an event that has already taken place.
Be objective in report writing (I, we, me, etc not to be used)
For events –
What is being conducted?
Chief Guest
Order of events
6. Factual Description
Format: Title
Description of a place – (Where is it situated, the exterior description followed by interior description, the fixtures, colour scheme, materials displayed etc) Be objective in factual descriptions.
In a factual description of a process, write it in the order of happening. Here sequential markers are used to indicate the order of happening (words like first, then, next, finally etc. are called sequential markers) Description of a person or a thing also can be asked as a factual description.
7. Letter Writing

Marks distribution:
Format : 2 Marks (sender’s address, date, addressee’s address, salutation,
subject, content, complimentary close, signatory)
Content: 4 Marks
Expression: 4 Marks
8. Article Writing

Marks distribution:
Format : 1 Mark (Title, Name)
Content: 4 Marks
Expression: 5 Marks
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