CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Worksheet - Revision (3)

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CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Worksheet - Revision (3)

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Which commands in MySql is used to make any Database current Database and see the list of table in that data base?


What do you mean by table level constraint and column level constraints? Give example for that.


How primary key in a table is different from unique key constraint?


What is the purpose of following query statements. Write output.

Select round(4325.7869,2);

Select truncate(4325.7869,2);


What is the difference between Group by and Order by clause?


A table Alpha contains 4 records and table Beta contains 7 records what will be total number of records in their Cartesian product?


Write SQL statement to add a column regno of data type varchar in a table Candidate which is primary key?


Mrs Hetal, a database administrator created a table Voters in which she has used nationality as column name and by mistake she has entered nationality as Gujarat. Now she wants to change all the values from Gujarati to Indians using single statement. Help her to do the following by writing statement.


What will be the query output for the following statement. Write in words/sentence.

(a) SELECT * from SCHOOL where sname like “_ _ _ SURAT”;

(b) SELECT * from SCHOOL where sname like “DC%”;


What is the difference between drop and delete table command?


What are different commands used in Transaction in MySql?

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