CBSE Class 11 Economics Statistics Assignment Set B

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Topic: - Significance of Statistics in Economics and collection of data.

Question 1: Would it be called Statistics if it is said that there are 2000 students in our school?

Question 2: Mention the two sources of secondary data.

Question 3: State the name of data which involves less time and expenses.

Question 4: Write three sentences highlighting the importance of Statistics in Economic planning.

Question 5: Out of primary and secondary data, which one is collected for a definite purpose.

Question 6: Name an important government agency which collects, process and tabulate data at national level.

Question 7: Statistics as a singular noun means:

a) Statistical data

b) Statistical methods

c) Inductive statistics

d) Descriptive statistics

Question 8: Statistics is the science of analysing:

a) Qualitative data

b) Quantitative data

c) Any kind of data

d) Both (a) and (b)

Question 9: Distrust of statistics is due to :

a) Misuse of statistics

b) Insufficient statistical methods

c) Scope of statistics is limited

d) Limitations of statistics

Question10 When Population under investigation is infinite, we should use:
a) Sample method
b) Census method
c) Either census or sample method
d) Neither census nor sample method
Question 11 After every ten years, information regarding population of India is collected through:
a) Census
b) Sample
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Neither of the above
Question 12 What do you mean by enumerators?
Question 13 Under what condition, deliberate sampling is considered ideal?
Question 14 Discuss the precautions to be considered while making use of the secondary data.
Question 15 Discuss the non-random methods of sampling.

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