CBSE Class 11 Economics Inflation Problems and Policies Assignment Set B

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By inflation in ordinary language, we mean a process of rising prices. Inflation is a situation of persistent and appreciable rise in prices, leading to fall in purchasing power of money. A chief measure of price inflation is the inflation rate, the annualized percentage change in a general price index over time.

Main causes of cost-push inflation are :

* Higher wage rate

* Higher profit margin

* Higher taxes

* Fall in the availability of basis inputs.

* Administered higher prices of inputs.

Causes of Inflation

1. Demand factors

* Growth of population

* Rise in employment and income

* Increase in pace of urbanisation.

2. Supply factors

* Irregualr agricultural supply

* Hoarding of essential goods.

* Rise in administered prices.

* Agricultural price policy

* Rising prices of imports

* Inadequate growth of industrial production.


1. Define inflation

2. Define deflation

3. Define stagflation

4. Which demand factors cause inflation?

5. Which supply factors cause inflation?

6. What is demand pull inflation?

7. What is cost push inflation?

8. What is inflation rate?

9. Who controls and monitor monetary policy india?

10. What is fiscal policy?


1. Explain demand pull inflation.

2. Explain monetary measures to control inflation.

3. Explain fiscal measures to control inflation.

4. What are the various types of inflation?

5. What are supply factors which cause inflation?

6. What are the major impact of inflation on the economy?


1. What is demand pull inflation? What are its causes?

2. What is cost push inflation. What are its causes?

3. What have been general causes of inflation in India?

4. What are the measures taken by the government to tackle inflation?

5. What is the impact of inflation on the economy?


1. Inflation is a situation of persistent and appreciable rise in prices, leading to fall in purchasing power of money.

2. Deflation is a situation where prices are falling and value of money is rising.

3. Stagflation means stagation plus inflation. It is a situation where stagnation co- exists with inflation in an economy.

4. Growth in population, rise in employment and increasing pace of urbanisation cause inflation.

5. Hoarding of essential goods, irregular agricultural supply, rise in administered prices and inadequate growth of industrial production
are some of the supply factors which cause inflation.

6. Demand pull inflation arises when there is an excess of demand for goods over their supply.

7. Cost push inflation occure when rise in pirce is due to rise in the cost of production.

8. Inflation rate is a chief measure of price inflation. It is annualized percentage change in a general price index over time.

9. The reserve bank of india controlls and monitors monetary policy in India.

10. Fiscal policy is the expenditure and revenue policy of the government.


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