Confusing English Words in Class 8

Following is the list of English similar sounding words or homophones words which the students in class 8 tend to misuse. Students should go through the list below and remember these words. Use them in your day to day language and appropriately in exams to avoid any deduction in marks. 

1. Accede : consent. `I cannot accede to your request.'

Exceed : surpass. `His expenditure exceeds his income.'

2. Accept : to receive with favour. `I accept your offer.'

Except : to omit or exclude. `If you will except the last term, I shall accept the contract.'

3. Access : approach or admission. `A poor man has no access to the King.'

Excess : more than enough. `He smokes to excess.'

4. Adapt : to make suitable; to adjust properly. `We must adapt ourselves to changing circumstances.'

Adopt : to accept and approve. `They adopted a child'. `,He adopted my scheme.'

Adept : One who is skilled. `He is an adept in painting.'

5. Advise : Counsel (Verb). `Please advise me what to do.'

Advice : (Noun). `He paid no heed to my advice.'

6. Affect : (1) to influence. `Bad weather affects her health'. (2) to pretend. `Beginners, often affect learning.'

Effect : (1) Verb. `The prisoner effected (made) his escape'. (2) Noun.: `What will be the effect (result) of this ?

7. Allusion : an indirect reference. `If your allusion is to any woman present here, please name her.'

Illusion : an imaginary appearance. `A mirage is an optical illusion,'

8. Altar : a place for offerings. `The pious old man bowed before the altar,'

Alter : to change. `Nothing can alter my decision,'

9. Antic : odd funny acts. `We laughed at her childish antics.'

Antique : old-fashioned. `We laughed at her antique dress.'

10. Ascent : going upwards. `The balloon is on the ascent.'

Assent : agree; consent. `I cannot assent to your proposal.'

11. Aught : anything. `For aught I know, she is innocent.'

Ought : should. `We ought to respect our parents.'

12. Bail : security. `He was released on bail.'

Bale : bundle. `Fifty bales of cotton were burnt.'

13. Berth : a sleeping place in a train or on a ship. `I got a berth reserved for me it the first class compartment'.

Birth : `She gave birth to a child'.

14. Bear : endure. `I cannot bear this insult'.

Bare : uncover. `She bared her bosom to the moon'.

15. Born : (Past Participle of bear). `He was born on Tuesday'.

Borne : carried. `The message was borne to her'.

16. Canon : rule. `Every nation has its own canons of morality'.

Cannon : a large gun. `Cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them'.

17. Canvas : a kind of coarse cloth. `Shoes made of canvas are not durable'.

Canvass : solicit votes. `Will you canvass votes for me'?

18. Casual : occasional; irregular. `Casual reading is better than no reading'.

Causal : relating to cause. `The causal connection between food and health'.

19. Censor : to subject to an official examiner. `The news is censored'.

Censure : to criticize adversely. `They censured her conduct bitterly'.

20. Cession : the transfer of territory by one country to another. `Nothing short c f the cession of the territory would satisfy the invader'.

Session : a term or a meeting period, as of a court, a legislature, or any organized assembly. `The winter session of the Assembly is over'.

21. Cite : to quote. `He cited verses from the Bible'.

Site : a place chosen for some special purpose. `The site for the school building was selected by the Headmaster'.

Sight : View. `A horrible sight met our gaze.

22. Coarse : rough. `He wears coarse clothes'.

Course : direction. `She has taken a wrong course (path)'.

23. Compliment : regard. `Tender my best compliments to your wife'.

Complement : that which makes up. `My work is a complement to Mr. Gupta's'.

24. Confidant : one who is trusted with a secret. `My confidant betrayed my secret' .

Confident : sure. `She is confident of success'.

25. Cord : rope. `He cut the cord with a knife'.

Chord : a straight line joining any two points in a curve or a circle; as, `the chord of a circle'.

26. Corporal : relating to the body. `Corporal punishment in schools must be discouraged'.

Corporeal : relating to matter as opposed to spirit. `Angels are not corporeal beings'.

27. Council : an assembly for conference or deliberation. `He is a member of the Social Welfare Council'.

Counsel : (1) to advise and instruct : `Fathers usually counsel their sons against excess'. (2) advice; a legal adviser or advocate. `He has engaged a counsel to defend him in the High Court'.

28. Decent : well-behaved and respectable. `She is a decent girl'.

Descent : derivation; slope, `Her descent from a noble family was also taken into account'. `The journey down the descent was easy'.

Dissent : disagreement. `Murmurs of dissent were heard at the meeting'.

29. Deference : respect. `Treat your elders with deference'.

Difference : disagreement. `There is a great difference between these two statements'.

30. Defy : challenge. `He defied all authority'.

Deify : worship. `The leader was deified by the people'.

31. Dependant : subordinate. `Be kind to your dependants'.

Dependent : relies on support. `He is dependent on his wife'.

32. Deprecate : feel and express disapproval of. `He deprecates changing the rules at present'.

Depreciate : make or become less in value. `The purchasing power of money has depreciated since she purchased her savings certificates'.

33. Disease : illness. `Consumption is not a fatal disease'.

Decease : death. `A severe disease may cause decease'.

34. Dual : double. `I do not believe in this dual policy of the Government'.

Duel : a combat between two men. `He fought a duel in his youth'.

35. Dying : (the Present Participle of die). `People are dying of disease every day'.

Dyeing : (the act of colouring), `This laundry does cleaning and dyeing'.

36. Elicit : draw out. `I could not elicit any truth from her'.

Illicit : unlawful. `Those who carry on illicit trade in opium are liable to be prosecuted'.

37. Elude : to escape. `He cleverly eluded the police'.

Allude : to refer to. `Which is the woman you alluded to in your speech?'

38. Emerge : to come out. `The swimmer emerged from the water'.

Immerge : to plunge into. `The chemist immerged the metal in acid'.

39. Emigrant : a person who leaves one country to take up residence in another. `The Irish emigrants settled in Canada'.

Immigrant : one who comes to one country from another to live there permanently. `Most of the Americans are English immigrants'.

40. Eminent : prominent. `He is an eminent doctor'.

Imminent : It applies especially to danger or misfortune that threatens to happen immediately. `She was saved from imminent death'.

41. Eruption : a violent bursting out. `Many villages were destroyed by an eruption of the volcano'.

Irruption : a sudden invasion. `The Chinese irruption into Tibet'.

42. Farther : actual distance or extension in space. `It is farther from Delhi to Chennai than it is from Delhi to Mumbai'.

Further : something additional in thought. `They discussed the matter further'.

43. Fare : price charged. `what is the railway fare from Delhi to Mumbai'?

Fair : pleasant, justifiable. `the weather is fair'. `Her dealings are fair.'

44. Forgo : abstain from; give up. `I shall forgo the pleasure of that trip'. Forego : to go before. `He will follow if you forego'. `See the foregoing example.'

45. Gamble : to play for stakes. `They gambled on the green'.

Gambol : to play and frolic. `The lambs are gambolling on the green'.

46. Hoard : store. `Do not hoard grains in times of war'.

Horde : (a wandering tribe). `Wandering hordes attacked villagers' huts'

47. Human : relating to man. `Human nature cannot stand such insults'. Humane : sympathetic; tender-hearted. `The humane treatment of prisoners is now advocated by all'.

48. Ingenuous : artless; frank; plain. `The ingenuous talk of the child impressed us all'

Ingenious : skillful. `He is an ingenious mechanic'

49. Jealous : envious. `He is jealous of my reputation.'

Zealous : ardent; enthusiastic. `She is a zealous worker in the cause of Harijan welfare'.

50. Legible : capable of being read. `She writes a legible hand'.

Eligible : fit to be chosen. `He is eligible for the post'.

51. Lightning : `He was struck by lightning'.

Lightening : making light. `I am thinking of lightening your burden'.

52. Loath : unwilling. `The mother was loath to leave her child behind'.

Loathe : to abhor or hate with extreme disgust. `Most people loathe falsehood'.

53. Loose : to unfasten. `Loose this knot, please'.

Lose : to part with something. `Don't lose your purse'.

54. Metal : `Platinum is a precious metal'.

Mettle : spirit; courage. `I will put your mettle to the test'.

55. Monetary : relating to money. `I have no monetary motives in helping you'.

Monitory : giving warning. `He paid no heed to the monitory advice of his father'.

56. Naughty : wicked. `He is a naughty y boy'.

Knotty : difficult to solve. `This is a knotty problem'.

57. Order : command. `An order must be obeyed'.

Ardour : fervour; zeal. `He is full of youthful ardour'.

58. Ordinance : a rule; a law. `The President has recently issued several newordinances'.

Ordnance : cannon. `Ordnance were fired at the enemies'.

59. Persecute : to oppress or punish unjustly. `Many people have beenpersecuted for their religious belief'.

Prosecute : (1) carry on. `He prosecuted his studies further'. (2) to institute legal proceedings against a person. `Trespassers will be prosecuted'.

60. Physic : medicine. `A dose of physic will do you good'.

Physique : bodily constitution. `He possesses a healthy physique'.

61. Populous : full of people; thickly inhabited. `Ours is a populous country'.

Populace : the masses. `The common populace cheered her'.

62. Practice : a thing done again and again. `Practice makes a man perfect'. `Ile is out of practice'.

Practise : (Verb); carry out in action. `Practise what you preach'.

63. Precede : to go before. `Study should precede teaching'.

Proceed : to continue. `Let us proceed with the work'.


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