CBSE Class 8 English Compound Words Concepts and Exercise

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Compound words are formed when two or more words are put together to form a new word with a new meaning. They can function as different parts of speech, which can dictate what form the compound takes on. For example, the word carry over is an open compound word when it’s used as a verb but it is a closed when used as a noun and an adjective.

Compound words fall within three categories:

1. Closed compound words are formed when two unique words are joined together. They don’t have a space between them and they are the type that generally comes to mind when we think of compound words. Example. Itself, today, bedroom ,blueprint.

2. Open compound words have a space between the words but when they are read together a new meaning is formed. Example. walking stick, drawing book, chess board,

Hyphenated compound words are connected by a hyphen. Example. Bare-foot, ice- cream.

Choose a compound word from the word box below to complete each sentence:

babysitter backlash nutshell underdog forecast foreword turnkey jackpot up market taskmaster

My parents hired a _______________________ to look after me.

My team was the ______________________ because we played the champions.

A_____________ project is a project that is sold to the buyer after it is complete.

It’s been raining a lot here, and last week there was a huge storm. In a ______________, the weather this summer has been terrible.

The revolt of 1857 had sparked a _______________ by the British, who quickly moved to crush the rebellion before it got out of hand.

The weather ________________on television was calling for light snow in Shimla.

Indian cricket has hit the______________since they got Virat Kohli as their captain.

The life of the ruling class was comfortable and even _______________from early times.

He expressed his gratitude for his father in the ______________ of his novel.

Destiny is a hard 

Fill in the blanks with compound words to make meaningful sentences:

stone’s throw  kick-start sharpshooter far-fetched heartfelt

mastermind record breaking red-handed sightseeing

homesick breathtaking breaking news sleep walking

The_________________ of the earthquake left us all devastated.

The students living in the hostel often feel __________________ as they miss their family.

The view from the hill top was_______________________.

Now I know Jesus ' coming again may sound__________________ to you.

There are several profiles of riders of the motorcycle that are famous for their _______________________ performances in the different championships and tournaments.

My school is at a ________________ from my home.

And then there's the story about the time he jumped out of a second-floor hotel room window while ________________________.

The making of the world's most wanted man How did a rich Saudi boy become a terrorist ____________________?

How can you say you didn't steal the book? You were caught _______________ walking out of the store after you'd hidden it under your jacket.

A city_____________________tour is included during your stay.

Held on the Village Square on Victoria Street between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. this family event will really______________________ the summer fun.

The bullet fired by a ______________________hit the terrorist in the fleshy part of his leg.

He will be greatly missed and our______________ condolences go to his family.

It just seemed a bit_______________________, floating away like Noah without the animals.


Write a compound word using the given word then, write a sentence with each compound word.



Skateboard- I went to the skateboard park.

Well- ________________________________________________________

over - ________________________________________________________

scare- ___________________________

rain - _________________________

foot - __________________________

side - ___________________________

cat- ___________________________

sleep- ___________________________

super- ___________________________

green - ___________________________

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