CBSE Class 8 English Kinds of Sentences Concepts and Exercise

Kinds of Sentences

Definition: A sentence is a group of related words with a subject and verb that makes sense by itself.

Types of Sentences by Function:

1. Declarative /Assertive Sentence - A sentence that is a statement. It ends with a Full Stop(.)

Example: Bill gave his report to the teacher.

2. Interrogative sentence - A sentence that is a question. It is followed by a question mark. Example: Did you know the answer?

Who gave you the keys?

3.Imperative sentence: A sentence that states a command, request,advice,instruction etc. It ends with a Full Stop (.) 

The subject is always "you" understood.

Example: Close the door. (command)

Please arrange the chairs. (request)

Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses a feeling of joy,sorrow,surprise or shock. It is followed by an Exclamation Mark (!) or a Full Stop (.)

Example: Wow! What a great surprise!


Exercise - 1

Identify the given sentence by its function and mark down the end punctuation.

Have you paid the bills__________________________

Opps I missed the step________________________

It is raining cats and dogs__________________________

Wow What a beautiful dress_____________________________

What’s the time by your watch_______________________

Drive carefully__________________________

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover____________________

Have you finished your homework _____________________

Dev, turn off the light___________________________

Shh I can hear someone coming___________________________


Identify what kind of a sentence each of the following is and punctuate them.

I will be visiting Spain this summer___________________________

Never break the traffic rules_______________________________

Bravo We have won the match_____________________________

Have you ever been to this restaurant before __________________

What a wonderful concert that was __________________________

I will see you at the cinema tonight __________________________

Have you heard the exciting news ___________________________

You must finish the exercise by afternoon_____________________

Skiing is my hobby ______________________________________

What a tragedy the plane crash was _________________________

Could you pass the sugar, please ___________________________

Most children love ice cream _______________________________

You must respect the tricolour ______________________________

What a terrible day ___________________

Summit your projects _____________________________



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