CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Jumbled Sentences

Jumbled Sentences


Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

1. of mankind / the habit / reading is / one of / resources / of / the greatest /


2. are / we enjoy / that / belong to us / than if / much more / they / borrowed / reading books /


3. book / formality / a certain considerate / must be treated / with / a borrowed /


4. no book / that / afraid to / you should / mark up / own / you are /


5. should begin / everyone / a private library / youth / collecting / in /


6. converse with / in / you / at any moment / a private library/ Socrates or Shakespeare / can/


7. the hand / your library / should be / as well as / free / accessible / to / to the eye / and /


8. one of / that of reading / known to / is / greatest / the / pleasures / man


9. a rich variety / adventure and wisdom / the / world of books / has / of /


10. own / you / book / convenience / can enjoy / a / at your /




Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences

1)      Always/his/I/honesty/shall/remember.

2)     That/life/animal/plant/everyone/has/whether/or/breathes.

3)      Buddha/his/child/kingdom/led/life/a/left/wife/and/the/and/of/beggar.

4)      You/believe/hear/should/what/never/you.

5)      This/so/I/satisfy/amount/little/can/anyone/is/that/not.

6)      Paper/sheets/buy/market/to/shall/I/go/the/to/some/of.

7)      He/so/that/cannot/is/shy/he/talk/to/friends/his/even.

8)      Suresh/party/was/marriage/ill/attend/so/not/he/could.

9)      Results/was/excellent/their/brought/hard work/it/that.

10)     Present/some/me/guests/to/that/unknown/were/there/were.



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