CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Process Writing

Process Writing

I. Given below is a set of instructions for making strawberry smoothie. On the basis of  the instructions complete the following paragraph.                        


a) Take  strawberry pulp and sugar

b) Mix them nicely using a mixer-grinder.

c) Add a cup of smooth yogurt and ice-cubes into this mixture.

d) Blend all the ingredients well.

e) Pour the smoothie into tall glasses.

f)  Arrange a straw with a strawberry fan and serve immediately.

Strawberry pulp and  sugar  (a)_________.They  (b)__________nicely in a mixer-grinder. Yogurt and ice-cubes(c)_____________ to this mixture. All the ingredients (d)_________ well.  The smoothie (e)__________into tall glasses . A straw (f)_________with a strawberry fan and is served immediately.

II.Read the instructions for preparing Maggi noodles and fill in the blanks in the present passive form:

• Boil 500 ml of water in a container.

• Add noodles and taste makers.

• Mix finely chopped vegetables.

• Cook the noodles for only two minutes.

• Finally, serve them hot.

First, 500 ml of water a)_____________in a container. After that noodles and taste makers b)______________. Then, finely chopped vegetables c)______________. The noodles d)_____________________for only two minutes. They f)______________ hot.

III. Given below is the process for making tea. Read the instructions and complete the passage by filling up the blanks. Do not add any new information.

  • The first one has been done for you.
  • Boil two cups of water in a vessel.
  • Add two teaspoons of tea leaves to it.
  • Remove the vessel from the fire and cover with a lid.
  • Keep it aside for a minute or two.
  • Strain the brew into a cup.
  • Add milk and sugar to taste.
  • Stir the contents thoroughly.
  • The tea is ready.

Two cups of water (a) are boiled in a vessel. Once the water boils, two teaspoons of tea leaves (b) ____________to it. The vessel(c)_________from the fire and                    (d) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______with a lid and e) ___________for two minutes. The brew (f)__________into

a cup, milk and sugar (g)                             to taste and the contents (h) _________The tea is now ready to be drunk.

IV.  Read the instructions for washing dirty, white cotton clothes and fill in the blanks in the present passive form:

•  Collect all dirty white cotton clothes

•  Soak them in hot water and stain removing solution

•  Put them in the washing machine with whitening detergent

•  Select the setting for cotton clothes

•  Turn on the rinse and spin option

•  Take out the clothes and hang them on the clothesline.

All the dirty white cotton clothes  a)_______________. They b)_______________in the boiling water and stain removing solution. The clothes c)______________in the washing machine with whitening detergent. The setting for cotton clothes d)_________________. The rinse and spin option e)_____________on. Finally, the washed clothes are taken out and hung on the clothesline.

V.   Given below is a set of instructions for making vegetable cutlets. On the basis of instructions complete the following paragraph.


a)   Boil potatoes, peas and carrots.

b)   Mash the boiled vegetables  in a big bowl.

c)   Add other seasonings such as salt, red chilly powder and garam masala.

d)   Chop onions and coriander leaves and add to the mixture.

e)   Make heart-shaped cutlets .

f)   Roll in bread –crumbs and fry for two minutes.

g)  Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Potatoes, peas and carrots (a) _____________ The boiled vegetables (b)_________ in a big bowl.  Seasonings such as salt, chilly powder and garam masala (c) __________. Onion and coriander leaves  (d)________and added to the mixture. Heart-shaped cutlets are made. The cutlets (g)_________in bread-crumbs and (h)__________for two minutes. The cutlets are served hot with tomato ketchup.

VI. Read the instructions for manufacturing instant coffee and fill in the blanks in the present passive form:

• Pick coffee beans from the trees and dry in the sun

• Then roast the beans and cool them rapidly

• Mix coffee with hot water and strain the mixture before freezing

• Grind the frozen mixture and dry it in vacuum before packing in jars

First, the coffee beans a)________________ from the trees and dried in the sun. Then, the beans b)______________and cooled rapidly . The beans c)__________ with hot water and the mixture d)______________________ before it is frozen. Finally, the frozen mixture e)_________________ and then dried in a vacuum before it is packed into jars. The coffee is now ready to be sold in shops.

VII. Given below is a set of instructions for washing clothes. Complete the following paragraph which describes how clothes are washed.

  • Mix a cup of some good quality detergent powder in about 8 to 10 liters of warm water in a bucket.
  • Whisk it well so that the powder dissolves into a rich lather
  • Soak dirty clothes in the water
  • Leave them for half an hour.
  • Rub the clothes with hands.
  • Rub a little dry powder on extra dirty parts of the clothes.
  • Squeeze the soupy solution out of the clothes.
  • Rinse the clothes at least twice in clean water.
  • Squeeze out extra water from the clothes and spread them in the sun for drying.

It is very  easy to wash clothes. First of all, a cup of some good quality detergent powder

1. _________________ in a bucket. It 2. _____________ rich lather. Next, dirty clothes       3. ____________ half an hour and then the clothes are rubbed with hands. A little dry powder(4. _____________ on extra dirty parts of the clothes. The soupy solution is                5. _____________out of the clothes. The clothes 6. _____________ at least twice in clean water. Finally, extra water 7. _____________for drying.



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