CBSE Class 8 English Conjunctions Concepts and Exercise

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Definition: A conjunction is the part of speech (or word class) that serves to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.

The common conjunctions--and, but, for, or, nor, yet, and so--join the elements of a coordinate structure.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions:

You can lead a horse to the water, _________ you can’t make it drink.

His work was appreciated, ______________he went.

Dheeraj went to the library __________ borrowed a few books.

The resort wasn’t really fantastic; ________we had a great time there.

Ravi stood first in class,_________________ his jaundice.

It began to rain, _________ we could not go out..

She has so many problems, _____________she is very cheerful.

Neena needs to take some rest, _______she is recovering from fever.

Rajini enjoys cooking, _____________she invited all her classmates.

Rama asked for the recipe, ______________ she loved the cake.

I cannot help you _____________ you confide in me.

He is regular to school ______________ he has no friends.


Study these sentences and fill in the blanks with conjunctions:

I cannot accept your mistake, ____________ you are my friend.

I ordered a plate of idlis _________I didn’t have enough money for a full meal.

___________ you don’t have a party dress, I’ll get you one.

I woke up late __________ it was a holiday yesterday.

_____________ she got a degree, she became a teacher.

They have known her __________ she was a child.

I left a message ___________you were late.

She might need some help _____________ she is new to the school.

I did it ________you told me.

It was cold ______________Simranjit put on a sweater.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions:

My friend said that the book was great, ________ I read it too.

The shirt is __________ pink ________ red, but purple.

I will stay with you __________ your father comes to pick you up.

___________ you study _________ go to sleep.

It happened __________ I was out.

She did not fare well in her exams _________ she did not study hard.

We baked a cake __________ we did not eat it.

We were exhausted _______________ we went to bed.

It happened ___________ the floods.

I won’t see you tomorrow ___________ I will call you up.

I enjoy dancing __________ but I prefer to sing.

He is ______________ smart _________ intelligent.

___________ we go to the hill or the sea for a vacation.

I learned French ________________ I was working in a wine bar in Paris.

I fell asleep __________________ I was watching the film.

Paula got the job ___________________­she had no experience.

__________________it was raining, I didn't get wet.

____________Mei Li doesn't speak English, she can't go to university in Canada.

_________________ working there, I met some really nice people.

I like to have a cup of coffee ______________ I wake up.

Stop at a petrol station _____________ we run out of petrol

Wait here __________ I return.


Complete each sentence using appropriate conjunctions from the brackets:

My car has a radio _________ a CD player. (but, or, and)

I visit the Grand Canyon _________ I go to Arizona. (once, whenever, wherever)

This is the place _________ we stayed last time we visited. (where, when, how)

______________ you win , you will receive a prize. (wherever, if, unless)

You won’t pass the test _________ you study. (when, if, unless)

I could not get a seat, _________ I came early. (as, though, when)

We are leaving on Wednesday _________ or not it rains. (if, whether, though)

Pay attention to your work _________ you do not make mistakes. (so that, unless, or)

The musicians delivered a rousing performance _________ they had rehearsed often. (though, as, once)

She’s honest _________ everyone trusts her. (if, so, when)

Write this down _________ you will forget. (or, when, lest)


Complete each sentence using the correct option of conjunction given in the bracket:

I plan to take my vacation _________ in June _________ in July. (whether / or, either / or, as / if)

_________ I’m feeling happy _________ sad, I try to keep a positive attitude. (either / or, whether / or, when / I’m)

_________ had I taken my shoes off _________ I found out we had to leave again. (no sooner / than, rather / than, whether / or)

_________ only is dark chocolate delicious, _________ it can be healthy. (whether / or, not / but, just as / so)

_________ I have salad for dinner, _____________________I can have ice cream for dessert. (if /then, when / than, whether / or)

_________ flowers _________ trees grow _________ during warm weather. (not only / or, both / and, not / but)

I’m afraid of heights, _________ I appreciate the view from the top of this building. (and, yet, nor)

_________ do we enjoy summer vacation, _________ we _________ enjoy winter break. (whether / or, not only / but also, either / or)

Calculus is _________ easy _________ difficult _________ (not / but, both / and, either / or)

It’s _________ going to rain _________ snow tonight. (as / if, either / or, as / as)


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