CBSE Class 8 English Sample Class Test 2

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               Section A: Reading

Read the following passage carefully:                                                                         12 marks

1. At 6 a.m. Jamuna Devi, also known as ‘Lady Tarzan’, tightens the strings of her bow in her house in Muturkhan village, Jharkhand. She then leads a group of fifteen women, each carrying traditional weapons and lathis. They walk towards the nearby Muturkhan forests.

2. As they walk, they sing songs that warn against the illegal cutting of trees in the forest. They are on a shift of regular patrolling where they protect trees from being cut by the timber mafia.

3. Jamuna Devi explains that ten years ago, the hilly region was actually dry and barren. Every tree over three metres tall had been chopped off illegally. She says, “In the summers, there was no shade. We had no firewood for our kitchens, no fodder for our cattle and water levels were dipping across a fifteen kilometers area.”

4. To protect the trees, twenty-five women got together to form the Van SurakshaSamiti (Forest Protection Committee) and registered with the State Forest Department in 1955. Then they divided themselves into three groups and started keeping an eye on the forest – morning, noon and night. Initially they caught many men who illegally chopped down the trees. These were usually paid labourers whom they handed over to the forest department. Due to their constant efforts, word spread that the trees in Muturkhan were not to be touched.

5. The Muturkhan forest area which had become barren now has over one lakh trees. Dr.A.Wadood, chairman of the department of Agricultural Physics and Meteorology with Birsa Agricultural University (BAU), Ranchi says, “Any effort to protect the trees of the state, however big or small, is a welcome move.”

6. Due to the initiative of women like Jamuna Devi, the summers are no longer unbearable. Also, now women and children make plates from Sal leaves in their free time and earn up to `4,000 per month selling them in nearby marketplaces. As a gesture of appreciation, the forest department gave the village a school building, a concrete approach road and a JalMinar (water tower) three years ago.

A1. Complete the following sentences:-                                                                (3X2=6 marks)

1. Jamuna Devi is also known as ______________ because ____________      2 marks

2. The women were divided in three groups in order to _____________________________________________________________     2 marks

3. While they walk, they sing songs that ____________________________   2 marks

A2. Now answer the questions that follow:-2X2=4 marks)

4. Why did they carry weapons and lathis?                                                                 2 marks

5. Who were the men they caught and what did she do to them?                             2 marks

A3. Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following: -     (1+1=2 marks)

1. to maintain the order and security by passing along or through it (para 2) - ____________

2. to sink or dropping down (para 3) – ________________


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