CBSE Class 7 Science Weather and Climate MCQs

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Weather, Climate and 

Adaptation Of Animals to Climate

1.  The Department which prepares weather report is ( )

a.  Telecom Department  b.   Electrical Department 

c.  Meteorological Department  d.  Civil Department 

2.  The amount of humidity in the atmosphere is a measure of ___________in air ( )

a.  Heat  b.  Temperature  c.  Chemicals  d.  Moisture

3.   The instrument used to measure rainfall is called ( )

a.   Barometer  b.  Rain Gauge c.  Thermometer  d.   maximumminimum thermometer

4.  The temperature, humidity, rainfall wind speed etc., are called the _________of weather. ( )

a.  Elements  b.  Compounds  c.   Indicators  d.  Chemicals

5.   The maximum and minimum temperatures of a day are recorded by using ( 

a.  Celsius Thermometer  b.  Fahrenheit Thermometer

c.   Maximumminimum Thermometer  d.  Hydrogen Thermometer

6.  At what time do you feel comparatively comfortable in a day during summer seasons? ( )

a.  Early in the morning  b. In the afternoon

c.   In the evening  d.  At mid night

7.  All changes taking place in the atmosphere are caused by the ____________ ( )

a.   Moon  b.  Sun c.  Earth  d.  Stars

8.  The average weather pattern taken over a long time is called the ___________

a.  Climate of the place  b.   Temperature of the place

c.  Humidity of the place  d.  rainfall of the place

9.  The placeswhere the sun does not rise for six months and does not set for the other six months are  ( )

a.  Polar regions  b.   Equator Regions

c.  Northern regions  d.  Southern Regions

10. The temperature in Polar Regions in winter will be as low as ( )

a.  -40˚C  b.   34 ˚C c.   45 ˚C  d.   -37 ˚C

11. .Find the animal living in polar regions from the following ( )

a.  Monkey  b.  Donkey  c.  Polar bear  d.  Gorilla

12.  How does the polar bear keep itself warm in cold weather ( )

a.  It has two thick layers of fur  b.   It has a coat of wool

c.  It covers its body with a woollen coat d.  It sits by the side of the fire

13. The tropical climate is such that   ( )

a.  Duration of daysand nights are almost equal   b.  Duration of day is more than that of night 

c.  Duration of day is less than that of the night   d.  Duration of day and night both is less

14. Which option best describes a tropical region?

a.   Hot and humid  b.   Moderatetemperature, heavy rainfall

c.  cold and humid  d.  hot and dry

15.  A carnivore with stripes on its body moves very fast while catching its prey. It is likely to be found in 

a.  Polar regions  b.  Deserts 

c.  Oceans      d.  tropical rainforests



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