CBSE Class 7 Science Water A Precious Resource MCQs

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Water: A Precious Resource

1.  World water Day ids celebrated on ( )

a. 22 nd March b. 24 th March c. 28 th February d. 1 March

2.  Out of the following which year is was observed as the International year of Fresh water ( )

a. 2005  b. 2003  c. 2006  d. 2008

3.  Water exists in ( )

a. Three forms  b.  Two forms c. Five forms  d. No form

4.  The solid form ,snow and ice, is present ___________of the earth ( )

a. At the poles   b. At the equator

c. Present in the atmosphere of the earth  d. In the oceans

5.  The process of seeping of water into the ground is called ( ) 

a. Infiltration  b. Aquifer   c. Water table d. Bawri

6.  The process of ground water getting stored between the layers of hard rock below the water table is known as ( )

a. Infiltration b. Aquifer c. Water table d. Bawri

7.  Depletion of water table is due to 

a. Increase in population  b. Industrial and Agricultural activities

c. Scanty rainfall  d. All of the above

8.  ________allows the water to seep in easily ( ) 

a. Pukka floor  b. Grass lawn c. Cement floor d. Marble Floor

9.  Activities  which involve wastage of water are ( )

a. Washing  b. Using the taps which are Leaking 

c. Bathing  d. All of the above

10.  The process of recharging the ground water using rain water is known as

a. Water harvesting b. Drip Irrigation  c. Infiltration d. Bawri

11.  The earth appears to be ______in colour from space ( )

a. Red  b. Blue  c. Green  d. Violet



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