CBSE Class 7 Science Electric current and its Effects MCQs

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1.  A combination of two or more cells is called ( )

a.  A Battery  b.  A Button cell  c.  An Electric cell  d.  Truck Battery

2.  When an electric circuit from the positive terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the battery is complete, then the circuit is said to be 

a.  Closed  b.  OPen c.  No change  d.  Disconnected 

3.  Current flows through the circuit when the circuit is in the ________condition. ( 

a.  Closed  b.  Open  c.  Broken d.  Incomplete 

4.  An electric wire connected in a circuit gets heated up when current is allowed to flow through it . This is due to 

a.  Heating effect of current b.  Electrical effect of current

c.  Musical effect of current  d.  Optical effect of current

5.  A glowing filament will be 

a.  At a low temperature     b.  At a high temperature

c.  At atmospheric temperature d.  At the temperature of ice

6.  The heat energy produced by a glowing bulb can be minimised by using _____ bulbs in place of ordinary electric bulbs ( )

a.  A candle  b.  CFL bulbs  c.  Torch  d.  Kerosene lamp

7.  The wire which melts and breaks the circuit when large current is allowed to flow through it is called 

a.  A fuse wire  b.  Electric wire  c.  Connecting wire  d.  Filament

8.  _________piece is attracted by an electromagnet

a.  Wood  b.  Iron c.  Plastic d.  Rubber 

9.  An electromagnet is one which behaves as a magnet when current is ______ 

a.  Allowed to flow through b.  Not allowed to flowthrough  c.  Stopped from flowing through it

10. When the current flowing through the fuse wire exceeds the safety limit, then it will be ______ breaking the circuit.

a.  Melted away b.  Remains the same c.  Damages the circuit d.  Makes the circuit remain connected.

11. Who discovered that when a compass needle is kept nearer to an electric circuit in which current is flowing ,it deflects.

a.  Hans Christian Oersted b.  Michael Faraday c.  Galileo d.  Newton 

12. When electric current passes through a wire , it behaves like a magnet. This is the 

a.  Magnetic effect of current b.  Electrical effect of current

c.  Heating effect of current d.  Optical effect of current

13. Electric Bell works on the principle

a.  Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy

b.  Electrical energy is converted into sound energy

c.  Mechanical energy is converted into sound energy

d. Sound energy is converted into electrical energy. 



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