CBSE Class 7 Science Nutrition in Animals MCQs

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Nutrition in Animals

1.  The breakdown of complex components of food into simpler substances is called ( )

a.  Digestion  b.  Nutrition  c.  Breathing d.  Respiration

2.  The set of teeth that exists in the mouth during the period from six to eight years of a human being are called

a.  Permanent teeth  b.  Premolar teeth  c.  Molar teeth  d.  Milk teeth

3.  The stomach is a thick –walled bag of shape ( )

a.  V- shape  b.  U-shape c.  X- shape  d.  Z- shape 

4.  The function of the digestive juices present in the stomach is to breakdown ( )

a.  the proteins into simpler substances b.  Starch into sugars

c.  Fats into juices d.  Food into gases

5.  The largest gland in the human body is 

a.  Oesophagus  b.  Salivary gland  c.  Liver d.  Villi

6.  Length of small intestine is ( )

a.  10.5m long b.  40m long c.  23.4m long d.  7.5m long.

7.   The process of digestion taking place in grass- eating animals is called ( )

a.  Egestion  b.  Rumination  c.  Assimilation  d.  Absorption

8.  Diarrhoea is caused due to ( )

a.  Infection  b.  Indigestion  c.  Poisoning  d.  All of the above

9.  Plenty of boiled water mixed with a pinch of salt and sugar dissolved in it is called ( 

a.  An Acid  b.  A base  c.   An indicator  d.  Oral Rehydration solution

10.  Single celled organism among the following is ( )

a.  Human being  b.  Yeast  c.  Cow  d.  Amoeba



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