CBSE Class 7 Science Motion and Time MCQs

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Motion and Time

1.  Which of the following relations is correct?

a.  Speed = Distance X Time  b.  Speed = Distance/Time

c.  Speed = Time/Distance  d.  Speed = 1/Distance X Time

2.  The basic unit of speed is 

a.  Km/min  b.  m/min  c.  km/h  d.  m/s 

3.  A car moves with a speed of 80 km/h for 15 minutes and then with a speed of 60 km/h for the next 15 minutes. The total distance covered by the car is

a.  100km b.  50km c.  35km  d.  70km

4.  The value of 2km/hr is equal to 

a.  4/9 m/s  b.  5/9m/s  c.  13/9m/s  d.  7/9m/s

5.  The meter that measures the distance moved by a vehicle is ( )

a.  Speedometer  b.  Odometer  c.  Anemometer  d.  Thermometer

6.  The meter that is used to measure speed of a vehicle is ( )

a.  Speedometer b.  Odometer  c.  Anemometer  d.  Thermometer

7.  The speedometer of a vehicle measures the speed in ( )

a.  m/sec  b.  m/min  c.  km/hr  d.  km/min

8.  An ancient Time measuring device SUNDIAL at JantarMantar is in ( )

a.  Ahmedabad  b.  Bombay  c.  Delhi  d.  Lucknow 

9.  The time taken by a pendulum of given length to complete one oscillation is ( )

a.  Different at different times  b.  Same at all times

c.  Increases at different times  d.  Decreases at different times

10. An example of Oscillatory motion is (  ) 

a.  Motion of a cycle wheel  b.  Movement of a car on a straight road

c.  Motion of earth around the sun  d.  Motion of a swing.



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