CBSE Class 7 Science Transportation in animals and plants MCQs

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Transportation in animals and plants

Choose the correct answer from the following

1.   All Organisms need food, water and_____ for survival ( )

a.   Carbon dioxide  b.  Oxygen  c.   Nitrogen d.   Argon

2.  The function of the Blood is to transport ( )

a.  The digested food from the small intestine to the other parts of the body

b.   Digested food from the parts of the body to the large intestine

c.  digested food from small intestine to the large intestine

d.   Digested food from small intestine to the large intestine

3.   Blood carries _____________ from lungs to the cells of the body ( )

a.   Argon  b.  Neon  c.   Carbon dioxide d.  Nitrogen 

4.  The fluid part of the blood is called ( )

a.  Plasma  b.  RBC  c.  WBC  d.  Blood Platelets

5.  Red pigment in Red Blood Cells is ( )

a.   Haemoglobin  b.   Plasma  c.  Arteries  d.   Veins

6.  .____________helps in the efficient supply of oxygen to all the cells of the body ( )

a.  Haemoglobin  b.   RBC c.  WBC d.   Platelets

7.   The cells in the blood which fight against the germs entering the body are ( )

a.  RBC  b.   WBC  c.   Platelets  d.   Haemoglobin

8.   The formation of clot when bleeding is stopped from a wound in a human body is due to ( )

a.  RBC  b.   WBC  c.   Platelets  d.  Haemoglobin

9.   The blood vessels which carry oxygen –rich blood from the heart to all parts of the body are called ( )

a.  Arteries  b.  Veins  c.   RBC  d.  WBC 

10. . The Arteries have thick elastic walls because ( )

a.  Rapid blood flows at high pressure  b.  slow blood flows at low pressure

c.  Rapid blood flows at low pressure  d.  slow blood flows at high pressure

11. The throbbing movements of the blood flow in the Arteries is called ( )

a.  Pulse  b. Crest c.  Peak d.  Nest

12. A resting person usually has a pulse rate between 

a.  72 and 80 beats per minute  b.   82 and 90 beats per minute 

c.  62 and 70 beats per minute  d.  52 and 60 beats per minute

13. The blood vessels which carry carbon dioxide –rich blood from all parts of the body back to the heart are called 

a.  Arteries  b.  Veins  c.  RBC  d.    Platelets

14. Veins allow blood to flow only 

a.  Towards the heart  b.   Away from the heart c.  Towards lungs  d.   Away from the lungs 

15.  The heart is located in the 

a.  Chest cavity  b.  kidney cavity  c.   Brain cavity  d.  muscle cavity 

16. The device used by the doctor to check up the heart beat 

a.  Ammeter  b.   Thermometer c.  Barometer d.  Stethoscope

17. The Organism that does not have circulatory system 

a.   Dog  b.  Frog  c.  Human  d.  Hydra

18. . In case of Hydra_______________brings the food and oxygen as the organism moves inside the water. 

a.  Water in which the organism moves  b.  The air that is taken by the organism

c.  The food taken by the organism  d.   The air that is taken by the organism

19. The processes of removal of waste materials from the body is called 

a.  Digestion  b.   Excretion  c.   Respiration  d.   Inhalation

20.  Find the excretory organ from the following 

a.   Kidney   b.  Hand c.  Fingers  d.  Head 

21. White patches formed in areas like underarms are due to 
a. Salts present in the sweat
b. sugars present in the sweat
c. Acids present in the sweat
d. Bases present in the sweat
22. The effect of sweat on the human body is
a. It causes cooling
b. it causes heating
c. it causes freezing
d. It causes melting
23. Aquatic animals excrete cell waste as
a. Ammonia
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon dioxide
d. Nitrogen
24. The uric acid excreted by lizards is
a. White in colour
b. Red in colour
c. Brown in Colour
d. Black in colour
25. ____________failure can be treated by the method of Dialysis.
a. Heart
b. Eye
c. Kidney
d. Liver
26. The vascular tissue for the transport of water and nutrients in the plant is called
a. Xylem
b. Phloem
c. Tissue
d. Plasma



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