CBSE Class 7 Science MCQs-Soil

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1.  The rotting dead matter in the soil is called_________. 

a.  Humus  b.  Salt   c.  Sugar  d.  Protein

2.  Breaking down of rocks by the action of wind and climate is called ____

a.  Weathering  b.  Soil vegetation  c.  Cultivating d.  Percolation

3.  The water holding capacity is the highest in 

a.  Sandy soil  b.  Clayey soil  c.  Loamy soil  d.  Mixture of sand and loam

4.  In addition to the rock particles, the soil contains________ 

a.  Air and water  b.  Water and plants  c.  Minerals, organic matter. Air and water  d.  Water, air and plants

5.  The removal of land surface by water, wind or ice is known as___________ 

a.  Erosion  b.  Weathering  c.  Percolation  d.  Retention 

6.  The soil containing greater portion of big particles is called ---------- 

a.  Sandy soil  b.  Loamy soil  c.  Clayey soil  d.  Bricks

7.  The soil containing greater portion of fine particles is called __________ 

a.  Sandy soil b.  Loamy soil c.  Clayey soil d.  Bricks

8.  The soil containing same amount of large and fine particles is called ________ 

a.  Sandy soil b.  Loamy soil c.  Clayey soil d.  Bricks

9.  Water can drain easily though ________ 

a.  Sandy soil  b.  Loamy soil  c.  Clayey soil d.  Bricks

10. The type of soil suitable for growing paddy is _________ 

a.  Sandy soil   b.  Loamy soil  c.  Clayey soil   d.  Bricks

11. The type of soil suitable for growing masoor dal is 

a.  Sandy soil  b.  Loamy soil  c.  Clayey soil  d.  Bricks

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