CBSE Class 6 Science The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings MCQs Set A

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7 .The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings 

1. The presence of specific features or certain habits, which enable a plant or an animal to live in its surroundings, is called____________ 

a. Habitat 

b. Adaptation  

c.  Terrestrial  

d. Aquatic  

2. In the sea plants and animals are surrounded by: 

a. Sweet water 

b. Saline water 

c.  Hot water 

d. Cold water 

3. Camels have long legs which help to : 

a.  Run long distances  

b.  Keep their body away from the heat of the desert 

c.  Carry a lot of luggage  

d.  Be able to run in the sand 

4. Fishes have scales on their body. This helps them to _________ 

a. Remain in the same place in water. 

b. Balance themselves in water 

c.  Change directions in water 

d. Swim in water. 

5. The surroundings where organisms live is called;  

a.  Adaptation 

b.  Habitat 

c.  Environment 

d. Abiotic environment 

6.  The habitat of plants and animals that live in water is called  

a. Aquatic  

b. Terrestrial 

c.  Mountain 

d. Grassland  

7. The mountain goat has strong hooves: 

a. For attacking other animals 

b. For protecting it from cold 

c.  For running up the rocky slopes 

d. For scratching its back 

8. Lions have eyes in front because 

a. It can see the colour of t he object correctly 

b. It should look in front only 

c.  It can locate its prey exactly 

d. It knows the presence of its prey. 

9. Suppose you accidently sit on a drawing pin. You would jump up quickly. The pricking of the pin is called the ____. 

a.  Response

b.  paining reaction  

c.   quick reaction  

d.  stimulus 

10. Living beings are characterized by all except ____. 

a. Reproduction 

b.  Locomotion 

c.   Respiration 

d.  getting crystallized 

11. Which of the following metabolic activity is responsible for replacing and repairing  tissues? 

a. Reproduction 

b.  Cell division 

c.  Digestion 

d. Growth 



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