CBSE Class 6 Science Light Shadows and Reflections MCQs Set A

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3 Light, Shadows and Reflections

1. Mist is a

a. Translucent medium

b. Transparent medium

c. Opaque medium

d. Homogenous medium


2. Wool is a

a. Transparent medium

b. Opaque medium

c. Translucent medium

d. Optical medium


3. Stars are

a. Non luminous bodies

b. Luminous bodies

c. Artificial sources of light

d. Opaque bodies


4. Moons and planets

a. Radiate light energy

b. Reflect light energy

c. Absorb light energy

d. Split light energy


5. Vacuum is a

a. Opaque medium

b. Transparent medium

c. Translucent medium

d. Heterogenous medium


6. Rectilinear propagation of light means

a. Light travels in straight lines

b. Light travels in curved path

c. Light travels in zig-zag path

d. Light travels in circular path


7. A non luminous body can be made luminous by

a. Cooling it

b. Melting it

c. Heating it

d. Evaporating it


8. The speed of light is

a. 300,000 km/s.

b. 300,000 m/s

c. 30,000 km/s

d. 30, 000 m/s


9. The light from the sun reaches the earth in

a. 8.33 minutes

b. 8.33 seconds

c. 18. 33 minutes

d. 88.33 seconds


10. A body which emits light by itself is

a. Luminous body

b. Non luminous body

c. Opaque body

d. Shadow


11. The star very bright during early evening

a. Jupiter

b. Mercury

c. Venus

d. Saturn


12. The size of a shadow of an opaque object close to the screen and away from the source of light

a. Increases

b. Decreases

c. Remains the same

d. First decreases and increases.


13. This takes place from smooth polished surface when a beam of light falls on it
a. Reflection
b. Absorption
c. Refraction
d. Radiation

14. The image formed in pinhole camera is
a. Inverted
b. Erect
c. None of these
d. Both a and b

15. An optical medium having uniform composition throughout is

a. Homogenous medium

b. Heterogeneous medium

c. Both a and b

d. None of these

16. A dark patch formed by an opaque body placed in the path of light is called
a. Image
b. Object
c. Shadow
d. Screen

17. Reflection does not takes place from a
a. Polished metal plate
b. Mirror
c. Undisturbed water
d. Book

18. The shadow is the dark outline of
a. An Object
b. A Source of light
c. A Screen
d. An Image

19. Shadows are formed only when the
a. Opaque body is in the path of the light
b. Transparent body is in the path of light
c. Translucent body is in the path of light
d. No object in the path of light

20. This screen is a must to receive the shadow
a. Transparent screen
b. Opaque screen
c. Translucent screen
d. No screen

21. Luminous objects are objects
a. Which get their light from other objects
b. Which emit their own light
c. Which do not emit any light
d. Which absorb light

22. The smooth polished surface from which reflection takes place is
a. Mirror
b. Glass
c. Wood
d. Plastic

23. A red hot iron wire starts emitting light, at this time the temperature of the iron is
a. Between 600c to 800c
b. Between 60c to 80c
c. Between 300c to 400c
d. Between 150c to 250c

24. Shadows are
a. Always smaller than the opaque body
b. Always bigger than the opaque body
c. Remains the same size as opaque body
d. Can be smaller or bigger than the opaque body.

25. An example for the rectilinear propagation of light is
a. Formation of clouds
b. Formation of day and night
c. Formation of rainbow
d. Formation of rain

Answer Key For Light, Shadows and Reflections

1)a     2)b     3)b     4)b      5)b      6)a     7)c       8)a     9)a      10)a     11)c     12)b       13)a     14)a     15)a     16)c    17)d
18)a   19)a   20)b   21)b    22)a    23)a    24)d    25)b



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